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In Topic: El Capitan HD5450 + VMware + Clover

12 September 2016 - 09:33 PM



I'm not sure if my problem applies to this thread, but I wanted to ask you this:


I have a perfectly working Mac OS X 10.11.0 El Capitan installation in my main computer. To avoid connecting and disconnecting the disk, I connect it with USB so I can easily remove it if I want to load Windows. The disk boots in UEFI mode in Clover and from there I load El Capitan. For some reason standard loading doesn't always succeed, but if I load it by ignoring caches it works OK.


As you can imagine I have also loaded a lot of applications. I want to use that installation in VMWare Workstation (patched to support Mac OS X), so I created a new Virtual machine and the chosen guest OS is Mac OS X 10.9 (the higher on the list). I have the Mac hard disk connected to my host (Windows 10 Pro 64-bit) and upon starting the virtual machine I connect it to the guest. Since the main virtual hard disk is empty yet, the virtual machine tries to boot from the USB disk and starts clover. So far so good. The problem is when I choose to start El Capitan, no matter which option I choose (standard, verbose, safe mode, ignore caches), I see an error message "Internal Error" and the virtual machine hangs and closes. Does anyone knows what changes I have to do to the virtual machine settings and/or the VMX file to make it work? I would like to boot into the USB hard disk and then clone my El Capitan installation onto the main virtual hard disk, so I can use it and experiment with upgrades without fearing to destroy the original installation. Of course I would prefer to use my existing installation with all the installed applications. I don't want to start from the beginning with a new El Capitan installation!


Thank you in advance.


PS: Just to make sure, I restarted my PC and loaded El Capitan natively, it does work. I only have problem making it work in VMWare Workstation.


EDIT: I recently downloaded iATKOS EC (El Capitan version) and I prepared a USB Flash drive for it. Before trying to install El Capitan from scratch, I decided to connect my El Capitan disk and boot it. iATKOS has a newer version of Clover, 3322, and it succeeded into booting my existing El Capitan installation in VMWare! I only had to install VMWare tools for the drivers and I'm good to go!

In Topic: Asus P8H61, USB not working, Clover settings

06 November 2015 - 09:02 PM

These are entries in Clover's config.plist file? I will try that on the weekend. Thank you. Did you upgrade to 10.11.1 yet? Did it work? I wouldn't dare to try it and screw my installation...


EDIT: I could not find the entries I have to change in config.plist file! I write the steps bellow in case I did something wrong...


In Terminal I typed these commands:


cd /

cd EFI


sudo nano config.plist


I then saw two settings for USB. The original settings are both true. I tried all other combinations, both false, one true the other false and vice versa, could not make the USB ports work. I plug a USB flash drive and it is ignored. Not even the LED switched on, no activity! Leaving the USB Flash drive connected and restart the computer made no difference! Of course I saved the changes and restarted the computer after each attempt.


Any other ideas? Any USB kexts that support my Intel H61 chipset? Only if Apple wasn't that stubborn and allowed manufacturers to release drivers for Mac OS X! They fear that anybody would install Mac OS X on their computer! Is that hard to understand that this means profit for them, as more customers would buy Mac OS X?


Thank you for your time.

In Topic: Asus P8H61, USB not working, Clover settings

24 October 2015 - 09:05 AM

Well, today I used Clonezilla to clone the EFI partition from my USB Flash drive to the EFI partition of my disk. Now I can boot into Clover and this time choosing El Capitan works as expected and boots to Mac OS, so I don't need my USB Flash to boot any more. I also tried to copy all USB related kexts from my working Mountain Lion installation and installed them with Kext Installer, but this didn't make any difference. No USB device is detected, either connected at startup or connected after booting to El Capitan. Maybe the Mountain Lion kexts don't work in El Capitan or some boot parameter interferes with USB.


Any help appreciated. Thanks.

In Topic: Asus P8H61, USB not working, Clover settings

23 October 2015 - 07:38 PM

Don't push guys! Get in line, you'll have your chance to help! :P


Anyway, I'll try cloning the EFI partition and see. As for USB I have a working Mountain Lion installation, I'll try to copy relevant kexts from S/L/E and install them with Kext Installer. I'll post back if it works, just in case anyone cares...


No offence intended, but I see so many read my post an still not reply. Thank you anyway.

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