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#2157098 HP 8200 Elite

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 01 August 2015 - 05:03 PM

You probably need to patch the DSDT to prevent the USB controller from being unloaded during sleep. This should allow USB devices to wake the system from sleep. I think Clover can do that. For audio, try voodoohda. Quality might not be the best, but it should work just fine. As for Clover being slow, install it using the BiosBlockIO option (instead of sata). You PC has a UEFI firmware, so you should eventually install Clover in UEFI mode after you finish stabilizing your install. I have a question though. Did you need the LAPIC and CPUpm patches with your system to boot? I wonder if HP has the same issue with desktops too!!!

#2150385 Clover General discussion

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 03 July 2015 - 09:30 AM

Commit 3245 finally fixes the timeout bug :D Thanks, blackosx!!

#2149562 10.10.4 final is out!

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 30 June 2015 - 06:14 PM

This update also includes trimforce, so you don't have to use any 3rd party tools to enable TRIM. sudo trimforce enable

#2149114 Final solution (FIX) for GMA950 Desktop edition - NEW 28 DEC 08

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 28 June 2015 - 08:00 PM

Ah, good old days :D I feel old now!!!

#2148627 Realtek RTL8168C/8111C PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 27 June 2015 - 08:22 AM

What driver are you using? I recommend mieze driver. If that gives you trouble, try the realtek driver: (the one for 10.7 Intel) http://www.realtek.c...3&GetDown=false

#2145195 Future of Hakintosh

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 15 June 2015 - 09:05 AM

Well, Apple is well aware of us and is intentionally allowing us. So until that changes, I wouldn't be too worried.

#2143034 Apple unveils OS X 10.11 "El Capitan"

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 09 June 2015 - 08:08 AM

Metal supported card families: Nvidia – GeForce gtx 4xx and newer Intel – HD4000 and newer (ivy bridge and newer) AMD – HD7000 and newer Credits: netkas http://netkas.org/?p=1405

#2142836 Apple unveils OS X 10.11 "El Capitan"

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 08 June 2015 - 05:46 PM

QE/CI now based on Metal instead of openGL. That should bring a much needed boost to system fluidity. I wonder what the hardware requirements are gonna be for this to work!!! I'm really interested in this. Can't wait.

#2136779 WD MyBook Studio II 4TB HDD (NTFS) connected to Macbook (Yosemite 10.10.3) fo...

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 19 May 2015 - 08:27 AM

Well, in that case contact Tuxera. They have very good customer service. Assuming that your disk partition scheme is GPT, use gdisk to copy the backup partition table to the front of the disk. If that too is corrupted/changed, manually change the partition type (in partition table) to NTFS and try remounting.

#2136100 [Guide]Dell Inspirion 17R SE (7720) Installation Guide

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 16 May 2015 - 08:56 PM

Hi,   Well, it was never supported in Windows, and did not work in Linux (Or i did not test it enough).  My system is disassembled, well, currently assembled to do some tests on Optimus, but not usable as you can see in the picture.    The touchpad is ALPS.    11009195_1581275278798305_1614754766859292514_n.jpg Ahh, well thanks for the info!! ALPS touchpads are generally horrible. You should at least have 2 finger scroll in Windows by installing the driver from Dell's site!! As for OS X, ALPS drivers are really under maintained. If you would like, try this driver from the 5110 thread: http://www.insanelym...5110/?p=2133578

#2135659 Chameleon 2.3svn Official PKG Installer & Binaries

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 15 May 2015 - 09:45 AM

@ErmaC Would it be possible to add native UEFI support to Chameleon? Add Chameleon to a loadable efi binary?!! http://www.rodsbooks...ming/hello.html We can use code from grub or clover. All PCs sold over the last couple of years have UEFI support and use it by default. (Hope that's even possible)

#2133578 {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 06 May 2015 - 04:11 PM

Guys, I did some tweaks to the VoodooPS2Controller.kext based on some ALPS reverse engineering notes I found and the results are beautiful. - Improved acceleration, scrolling, and fixed the jumpy pointer. Finally!!! Give it a try. I'm sure you'll LOVE IT :) Please tell me what you think. Attached Files  VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip 102.21KB 49 downloads

#2105925 Windows 10 - Discussion

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 26 January 2015 - 09:07 PM

I'm really liking it so far :)

#2105922 Clover General discussion

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 26 January 2015 - 09:00 PM

"anyone" assumes except me? #46Finally got it to work :D Genuine Windows 8.1 DVD (using GrubUDF-64.efi)... So Joliet is not needed anymore. Using BiosBlockIO -> No DVD detected Using SATA -> DVD detected (but slow) Not sure if this is a BiosBlockIO limitation? EDIT: I think I might have found a bug. Sometimes clover will only see \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI (and won't boot) And sometimes it will see the entire DVD filesystem (and boots fine) I think clover is getting confused between actual DVD and El Torito boot entry: https://technet.micr...y/dn387088.aspx

#2099471 Get GTA V on Mac

Posted by Dr. Hurt on 01 January 2015 - 11:11 AM

I tried using a wrapper for GTA 4 but performance was never as good as it is on windows.  My suggestion:Want games = install windows.

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