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Marvell Yukon Drivers

30 October 2011 - 10:22 AM

I was reading the guide to port Linux drivers to Mac if the source code is available. I came across these drivers released by Marvell for Linux (2.6 Kernel). Can this be ported and made into a generic Marvell Yukon Kext (something like a Voodoo Project?)

Playing with chameleon setting

24 October 2011 - 06:50 PM


I made a custom boot cd (with preboot.dmg) using BootCDMaker, which boots fine and launches my Lion partition absolutely fine. But it also shows me the list of all available partitions which I don't want.

I tried the following to hide the partitions, but there was no effect

(Lion is installed on disk0s6)

<key>Kernel Flag</key>
<string>rd=disks06</string> (tried with boot-uuid=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, no result)

<key>Instant Menu</key>
<key>Hide Partition</key>
<string>hd(0,1) hd(0,3) hd(0,5)</string> (tried with labels as well, no result)


<string>hd(1,1) hd(1,3) hd(1,5)</string>
<key>Instant Menu</key>
This option show me "Boot CD" only until I press F8

When I press TAB at bootscreen here is what I get

hd(32,0) Boot CD
hd(0,2) System Reserved
hd(0,3) Windows 7
hd(0,5) Windows NTFS
hd(0,6) Lion

I read somewhere that the device from where chameleon boots up is device0 and the hard disk would be device1. Also, how do iAtkos or EasyBCD autoselect the Mac partition?
Please help!

Laptop - No internal display ATI Radeon Mobility (5470)

21 July 2011 - 03:55 PM

I managed to install Lion on my Sony Vaio which has a ATI Radeon 5470 mobility. Installation was possible only via HDMI cable being attached to an external screen. Almost everything seems to work, but the main problem is that the internal display won't work (goes black). I read countless threads on various places and saw that only "desktop" versions are supported as the port for the internal screen on laptops differs from that on macbooks.

I also came across a post about editing personalities in framebuffer to make the screen work, although I am not sure if that would be possible in Lion. So is there a way to make the internal screen work? (maybe a patched framebuffer?)


Sony Vaio VPCEA46FG

17 March 2011 - 07:56 AM


I have been using osx86 since Kalyway 10.5.1 and was using iAtkos S3 on my old laptop until recently I purchased a new Vaio (VPCEA46FG). I could not keep all the specs needed for osx86 in mind while buying this model as it was just perfect for my use.

  • Sony Vaio HM55 Chipset
  • Intel Core i5 480
  • ATI Radeon 5470
  • (officially) Intel High Definition Audio(but windows has realtek drivers :blink: ) and ATI HDMI Audio
  • Atheros 9285 Wireless
  • Marvell Yukon 88E8059 Ethernet
So here is the install report :

Using Retail DVD + ######

Installer starts only with GraphicsEnabler=no and it does not detect USB ports. So I formatted my drive (GUID) and installed the OS. It boots fine with ######. Installed ###### with #####. Boots right off the hard disk, but nothing else works. No graphics,LAN,wireless, sound or USB. Managed to get the wireless working with a modified kext for Atheros 9285.

Using iAtkos

Boots fine with -v cpus=2. Interestingly USB ports are detected by this DVD, so I went ahead and tried a USB drive. Selected optional kexts (including ATI enabler).Same story here. Nothing works except the wireless (with the modified kext).

What all I tried

Wireless : modified IO80211Family.kext for Atheros 9285 - WORKS
Sound : Voodoo 2.7.2 Package - Device detected(sound controls shown in settings) but no sound ALC272 patched Voodoo Works for front mic, headphone jack and speakers.
USB : IOUSBFamily.kext - DOES NOT WORK Works with option USBBusFix=Yes
Graphics : Followed the guide here : http://www.insanelym...p...50256&st=20, no progress.Cannot view EDID info in windows or mac. Force EDID and Hoolock works with Lion
Ethernet : As of now I don't think there is a working Marvell yukon kext for 88E8059 available.

So in short, except wireless I am stuck with a install that is no good. Is there any other hint/procedure that can help me get it going?

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