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In Topic: Help ? Asus Z97M-PLUS + HASWELL (Mavericks)

27 July 2014 - 06:29 PM

Your image does work fine, nevertheless it doesn't even allow to boot the installer; It loads up (doesn't matter if it's safe mode or not or with/without caches) and once it touches the PCI sub-system it just reboots the system. Either way there's a new patch for my BIOS, so I've updated it but haven't patched the BIOS for the MSR (I'll stick with cpu null power management kext I suppose).

In Topic: Help ? Asus Z97M-PLUS + HASWELL (Mavericks)

26 July 2014 - 07:31 PM


I gave the link to you... via PM ;) See that :)


Roger, doing the magic right now (funny to see imagewriter :) ). If it's raw wouldn't it be easier: dd if=<source> of=<source> bs=8M ?


Anyway... DSDT, am I going to need it? I can provide a clean dump from Linux for patching if required; I don't really know how to patch it (not the process, the changes needed) so some help would be cool.


What info can u provide me in advance regarding stuff I might need and that I can work right now while waiting for the download.



In Topic: Help ? Asus Z97M-PLUS + HASWELL (Mavericks)

26 July 2014 - 07:17 PM



Don't worries i'll help you...


Yeah! I'm Brazilian :D


I gave to you a method to install OSX, is fast and easy... please check that, it'll help you to create a usb installer


Can you provide a link so I follow the right stuff ?

In Topic: Help ? Asus Z97M-PLUS + HASWELL (Mavericks)

26 July 2014 - 06:55 PM



Good Job!


But chimera is a chameleon branch, and chimera is used for tonymac, i don't believe someone in here you help you with chimera, because we don't like tonymac...


I can help you, but only if you don't use this bootloader anymore... what you say?




I've readed the statements regarding Tonymac and I do understand your concerns. As a previous GNOME Developer and a person who was linked in the past to Fedora and OpenSUSE, I do quite simpathize with it (Licence violations and not sharing the code, the commercial {censored} I dont quite give a damn because I'm not planning to pay him).


Are your Portuguese or Brazilian btw?


Sure. I will make a new install and use Clover? (I honestly need a UEFI bootloader for EFI and I don't feel like writing one or forking one) would that work? This is because Asus Motherboards don't boot from GUID partition tables.


So point me in the way to:


 1) prepare a installer USB stick (I do own a real mac, so no issues at all);

 2) steps after install;


And we go from there. 

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