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#2558647 HP Z400/Z600/Z800 Workstations OS X 10.10.x/10.11.x Installation

Posted by pharillion on 30 December 2017 - 02:28 PM

 The internal speakers / lineout reversal is intentional.This is the only way lineout back and HP front work in switch mode (automatic detection and switching when HP is plugged in). Which devices work with the trial version? Please report! Thanks for the clarification on the Internal speakers / lineout reversal. Lineout back (green, as IntSpeaker) YESHP front (black, SwitchMode, if plugged in) YESInternal speaker (as lineout) YES Mic back (pink) YES - as Upper Internal Microphone in Sound Prefs InputMic front (black) YES - as Lower Internal Microphone in Sound Prefs InputLineIn back (blue) YES In short everything works exactly as it should, for which many thanks once again.

#2558300 HP Z400/Z600/Z800 Workstations OS X 10.10.x/10.11.x Installation

Posted by pharillion on 29 December 2017 - 09:47 PM

Hmm, as I suspected the skeletal device names shown in System Profiler were entirely my fault! I'd grabbed the latest 10.13.2 AppleHDA.kext from my archive in too much of a hurry and it must have been a partial file from the 10.13.2 delta update and thus incomplete.  Once I checked the size and then replaced it with the full 10.13.2 AppleHDA.kext from another machine all the device names returned to normal.  This was simply my own incompetence and nothing to do with MacPeet's excellent trial AppleALC.

#2558071 HP Z400/Z600/Z800 Workstations OS X 10.10.x/10.11.x Installation

Posted by pharillion on 29 December 2017 - 04:08 PM

Thanks so much for the help.  Audio is still not working.  That is what I did: - I installed attached kexts in their respective folders. (I keep my original AppleHDA)- Add 28 in inject audio section in config.plist. (trying with reset hda option activated and deactivated)- Add -alcbeta to bootflag in clover (also I tried without)- Add HDEF device (in my dsdt, into _SB / _PCI0 branch) After reboot, I can hear some "clicks" on boot, (like when I boot with El Capitan with audio working), and the device is shown in system profiler , but I think it´s something cosmetic. Any device is shown in audio panel control. Forgive me for coming late to this discussion but for a short while I was successfully using a test version of AppleALC version 1.1.2 with modifications for the HP z400/600/800 ALC262 codec by MacPeet and generously provided by him as Archiv.zip in post #1042 of this thread. This was on my z400 running High Sierra 10.13.1 so I needed the...

#1779044 Dell Precision 690 Workstation DSDT help requested please

Posted by pharillion on 16 December 2011 - 06:23 PM

Hello, I have just got hold of a Dell Precision 690 workstation (BIOS A08) with Intel 5000x chipset and two Xeon 2GHz dual-core 5130 CPUs which in hardware terms is pretty close to a MacPro1,1 although x64_86 capable. I obtained the DSDT under Linux and patched IRQs as recommended here so that the 631xESB SATA became visible, while adding pci1000,54 to AppleLSIFusionMPT.kext gets the onboard SAS controller recognised. Unfortunately the DSDT linked http://www.insanelym...e=post&id=62571 seems no longer accessible, so I'd be very pleased to hear from other Precision 690 users especially if they are prepared to share their DSDT which is bound to be better optimised than mine. Thanks in advance to anyone prepared to help me here.  originaldsdt.zip 11.62KB 74 downloads  dsdtpatched.zip 11.96KB 36 downloads  ioreg_dump.zip 95.71KB 16 downloads I've installed Snow Leopard and Lion on different disks with some success, getting the Nvidia Quadro FX...
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