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In Topic: Mac OS X Lion (Developer Preview) Released

04 March 2011 - 06:20 PM

c0rk - I've been following your postings both here and at netkas.org and have two questions:

1. Is your cross-compile of Chameleon installable from a partition other than the target (from Snow, for example)?

2. Does it detect (not boot, but merely detect) Snow volumes?

If it doesn't detect them, that's one way to tell which loader screen is staring you in the face - if it does, however, that is one way to tell the two versions apart (as current Chameleon doesn't detect Lion volumes).

I'm asking because my Hack volume has two partitions - one is my main Snow partition (Meow), while the other is intended for Lion (which, naturally, is the name of that partition). I'm running Chameleon 2 RC5-745 AMD Experimental, which naturally doens't pick up Lion. However, if we could install the custom Chameleon to Lion prior to starting the Lion install (which would also be done from Snow, though it would put us in the position of doing things bass-ackwards from the usual), as long as Lion install doesn't screw with it, we can go back and do any needed fiddlework with *some* measure of safety.

Well you need to use the fdisk in the precompile folder.
I added a new comment where you can download the sources and precompile.

It's the original chameleon source with some light modification.
I suggest to install it to your diskXs2, and your extra folder on the lion partition.
I know almost nothing about AMD so I can't help you with that.

In Topic: Mac OS X Lion (Developer Preview) Released

03 March 2011 - 09:50 PM

hello , everyone , i finally managed to boot lion with ##### , but , when i install it , i can't boot the disk , saying
The Version of Mac osx is not supported on this platform

Remove platformsupport.plist from /System/Library/CoreServices.
It'll boot after doing that, you can remove it using another booting system like snow or windows.

In Topic: [How To] recover a deleted software raid

24 June 2010 - 01:39 PM

Thanx mate, you're the hero of my day.

Got my data back with your tip.

Have a nice day bro ;)
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