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In Topic: HP Laptop 8510w Driver Installer Package for OS X 10.5.6

22 May 2010 - 10:31 PM

Only cosmetic issue I noticed is that Snow Leopard recognizes my CPU as 2.2GHz when it should be 2.4GHz. I am guessing this may be due to the DSDT. I'll get around to creating my own eventually, but this is good for now. I may try removing the 2 kexts as well to get USB 2.0 speeds, but may wait on that for now.

This probably has to do with the speed stepping of the CPU. It is done by VoodooPower.kext.

In Topic: HP Laptop 8510w Driver Installer Package for OS X 10.5.6

15 January 2010 - 11:08 PM

Hi ppl long time no see

Haven't been using my 8510w for a while but yesterday i needed it because of a hdd crash on my main box.

So while reinstalling my 8510w I came on some nice kexts (mainly newer versions) to get it working.

There are some nice things like all kexts are 64 bit (running 64 bit modes smooth now) and mic detection.

All kexts can be loaded from /Extra/Extensions/

I only have a few things that dont work

cd rom drive (I deleted IOATAFamily.kext still want to find a fix that can be loaded from /E/E)

I have Attached my Extra folder im using chameleon 2 RC 4.

I'm running 10.6.2.


unzip extra
unzip depencies
copy the kexts inside depencies to extra/extensions
set kext permissions (kext utility)

Regards RuUb

In Topic: HP Laptop 8510w Driver Installer Package for OS X 10.5.6

30 June 2009 - 06:47 PM

Hi Hex hex

After some trouble I got .6 working. I have also installed your backlight controller (works like a charm).

Two things I noticed:

The CD drive is not detected (probably because of the deleted IOATAfamily.kext)

Second it looks like sleeping works but it wont wake up. (but it could be that I haven't tried the good button)

Regards RuUb

PS thanks for your good read me file. It helped a lot.

In Topic: HP Laptop 8510w Driver Installer Package for OS X 10.5.6

30 June 2009 - 11:10 AM

Hi Hex hex

I have tried the other version of osx the one of which we don't speak. But i got a build prior to yours. I got i kernel panic during boot so I gonna try the build you used now.

Regards RuUb

In Topic: HP Laptop 8510w Driver Installer Package for OS X 10.5.6

25 June 2009 - 05:03 PM


I just installed a retail DVD of 10.5.6! And it worked!

How I did it:

Installed iATKOS v7, default options. Takes a very long time to load the first time, but after having patience, the system starts. Make sure you make 2 partitions at the start, one with iATKOS and one for the retail DVD.

Installed only the first .kext from hexhex, because the other ones don't work very well in iATKOS (as experienced yesterday). Boot and test, slow boot is over! You will need usb keyboard and mouse because internal ones don't work on iATKOS.

Get a retail DVD image on your iATKOS install with external harddrive or USB stick, open this so that it is mounted. Don't press install!

In terminal type:
cd /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ DVD/System/Installation/Packages
open osinstall.mpkg

Select your second partition, the retail one, and wait for install to end

Apply patch from hexhex now, or try to boot the retail DVD. This takes about 5 minutes, because the boot-lag problem.
In chameleon, select the retail and not iATKOS

Once in your brand new Retail installation, install the complete .kext package from hexhex

Restart, and select again the retail

AND JEEJ, full Videocard, ps2 mouse keyboard and even the blue mousethingy in the center of your keyboard, volume control, network, etc!

Some problems, though:
- seems to be only USB1.0.....
- the battery icon is not visible, but the battery is recognized (at least it worked when I unplugged the power)
- I don't think sleep works
So, basically, this is a long way to install, but then you have an iATKOS system that is not very stable, and a retail that you can boot from.
No I have to figure out how to change default startup into retail dvd, and fix the USB and battery...

Any ideas, anyone, on how to fix usb?
and another thing, the processor is not recognized, it displays as a 44,7 GHz unknown processor.....

44,7 GHz, I WISH!


I'm going crazy, lol. Just installed 10.5.7 from the apple update, to give it a try, but it completely {censored}ed up! O nooooos

How can I revert this? I have a working iATKOS system running on another partition.... I am not so good yet in making things work :/

This laptop is really macworthy (FAST), but it seems that there is a little piece of hardware that is continuously messing with the rest of the perfect system... argh

Have you tryed to re install the slow boot kext from hex hex again to the 10.5.7 partition?

Regards RuUb
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