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In Topic: The Godfather II Cider port

07 October 2009 - 04:52 AM

Any luck?

Looking at the age of the game and the specs required:

"256 MB video card with Shader 3.0" I realize that on my main computer I can't run that at all. As for actually launching and playing it does work under wine. See here for other people's experiences: http://appdb.winehq....?...n&iId=16241. I do have a computer that'll meet the specs and so would be willing to have a go at porting this once I've got the game (shouldn't be too long).

You might post over at the "Porting Team" (.com) where the best guys in the business hang out helping guys like you with individual problems you'll be having.

Game looks awesome btw :D

In Topic: The Godfather II Cider port

02 October 2009 - 06:41 PM

I am hoping the cut scenes or movie scenes play. they are .vp6 format whatever that means.

In Topic: The Godfather II Cider port

02 October 2009 - 05:28 PM

OH my gosh thank you so much.

I have a 128MB video card. But it plasy fine on the windows side running XP boot camp driver 2.1
So I assume if I just turn on low rez it will play fine.

i plan on getting a new Macbook pro soon as 128 mb is never enough.

In Topic: The Godfather II Cider port

01 October 2009 - 11:27 PM

Ok I have a Macbook Pro 2.2 GHZ 4Gb of ram 8600MGT video card.

I thought games run better with Cider.
Most EA games seem made for Cider.
I thought it would be a simple instal with crossover Games, transfer over to c drive in transgaming and change info.plist and boom done.

It seems a ot more complicated and i keep getting errors. I have it running in win xp on botcamp.
would rather have it running in mac for obvious reasons.

I would almost make a donation via paypal to have someone do it, as i am at my wits end.

In Topic: Samsung NC10 UK revision

03 March 2009 - 01:09 AM

Being aggressive doesn't help.
Also, "slapping" users that ask for info instead for searching, doesn't make any difference, there's no "collective noob user" that will learn with negative reinforcement. Just kindly redirect them, it's not that difficult.

Back in the day the forums were very rough, terrible search function (given insanely still has a terrible search function) there was very little options as to get the information quickly and efficiently.

Forums have come a long way and this forum is an example of that. We can quote a previous member, as you and I have done. We can link to other pages where more information can be found. We can upload small files that will make our lives a lil easier, perhaps a lil cooler.

But I don't think I can so easily excuse the new members who chime in on page 89 and say I did everything you said Mysticus but sound doesnt work, and how come multi touch isnt working.

This forum hits you with a HUGE FAQ... you dont have to go digging to find info Mysticus took the guess work out of it. ITS RIGHT THERE. So when I say read from Page 1, I am linking them. I am not getting angry. or trying to be abusive. I am trying to stress to everyone you are taking essentially a PC and turning it into a somewhat functional mac. That being said, I hope someone who is going to undertake such a labour, would at least do his homework.

For instance I need to hook up a monitor to my Mac, Early on I hit the mirror button and whamo distorted screen. Now did I post a question without doing some leg work. OR SCREAM HEY MYSTICUS my samsung is not a mac if it cant do mirroring. NO of course not. I did a simple google search, How to remove saved mirroring prefs from my system. took all of two seconds.

Now if anyone is trying to install mac on their samsung nc10. They will undoubtably come here. Once here they should start from page 1. yes 80 pages is a lot to go thru, it takes a minute to scan each page. I would hope once they got a grasp of whats going on and having read the FAQs at the beginning only then would they install. Simple as that. So I am sorry if I came off as belittling. or angry. It's a simple fact that people want an easy fix. This new forum MC made will obviously reduce the redundancy. But until it is up and running Read from page 1 thank you.
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