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In Topic: Resetting PRAM

24 April 2008 - 02:33 AM

I want to coz my external display for my laptop got screwy coz i messed up some refresh rate, after googling abit found that need to reset the PRAM to resolve the issue. I guess it's back to googing. :wacko:

In Topic: Psystar Offers Non-Apple PC, with Leopard pre-installed.

15 April 2008 - 10:17 AM

I think the analogy is great. However, you have the choice to agree to Apple's license or to bring back OS X to the store where you bought it. And there's the real problem for Apple, a lot of stores won't just accept it if you take your Leopard install disc back because you didn't agree with the EULA.

This will also show us if an EULA is actually binding. This has been discussed many times before, for Windows, certain kinds of adware and now the discussion starts for OS X. We'll see what happens, but I for one surely hope that Psystar can win this battle and can seel these computers.

I also noticed that Psystar renamed their cheap machine from OpenMac to Open Computer and that they introduced the Open Pro, a faster PC that will run OS X. I guess they couldn't get away with calling their machine OpenMac because Apple owns the Mac trademark.

There's one last thing I want to add... Apple's lawyers are not stupid either. If they think they can't win a case about the EULA, Apple will probably just let Psystar make their offerings without interruption. Apple can still scare some people off with their EULA that way. If they'd lose in court over their EULA, then any computer manufacturer can start delivering OS X on normal machines. I think my local computer store would like that too.


Hi, no disrespect to you what so ever, but this is like saying that apple has restricted mac users to only surf their websites. This is clearly not the case. I personally feel that apple should not make let their OS be used in PCs, but instead come up with a middle range, more affordable mac pro. I mean the apple "feel" is not abt just the software it's about the hardware and design of their products as well. But that being said, the OSx86 project is a wonderful way to have a "trial" of what you're about to spend a buck load of money on. So this community in my honest opinion is a good thing for apple. But what this Psy* is doing is making money out of some other person's hard work.

To Harlock: I dun think that these ppl here are childish at all. It's not all abt the credits, you have to realise that if they are using these ppl's work so 1) they have to get their permission 2) they have to pay them something. Let's say you invented something and someone just stole that idea of yours and made a company out of it. How'd you feel? Wouldn't you sue their a$$ off?

These are just my personal opinions, in no way did I mean to upset anyone. :)

In Topic: Psystar Offers Non-Apple PC, with Leopard pre-installed.

15 April 2008 - 08:44 AM

I read this. http://www.informati...lone_maker.html

He also said Psystar believes Apple's prohibition against third-party installations might not hold up in court: "What if Honda said that, after you buy their car, you could only drive it on the roads they said you could?"

What kind of dumb analogy is this? :wacko:

In Topic: March 27th 2008 OSx86 roundup (Updated)

27 March 2008 - 05:21 AM


Just to enquire, how come i dun see the update in my software update? It says my software is up to date. And I have not installed the Security Update 2008-002 v1.1. I only have installed the Security Update 2008-002 v1.0. Any1 else encounter this?

In Topic: iLife '08 Problems

25 March 2008 - 10:13 AM

Hi, I had this problem before, just go to software update and keep updating until you dun see anymore updates regarding ilife.

Hope this helps.
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