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Lenovo Z560 installation

24 January 2011 - 08:38 PM

Alright all you insanelymac nutters. First attempt at a tutorial. If any of you have Lenovo Z560 or similar then this guide should serve you well. This may be one of the most compatible laptops out there for installing OS X on. The only real dissapointment is the audio chip. unfortunately you have to use voodooHDA to enable full audio support but alas a custom DSDT for this laptop allows system profiler to show correct audio information while using VoodooHDA. I really should not do this guide like this but i really cba to show everyone how to do the various DSDT modifications. lets have a look at compatibility first.

CPU: Intel core i3 350m works duh! with speedstep
RAM: 2GB sodimm 1066 MHz works again duh!
GPU: nVidia 310m works perfect via DSDT or chameleon
Audio: Conexant CX20671/20585 works via voodooHDA system profiler show correct info via DSDT
LAN: Realtek RTL8103E(L) works with driver from realtek
Wifi: Atheros 9285 works via DSDT or legacy extension
Trackpad: synaptics v7 two finger scrolling and other gestures work
Battery: works via VoodooPower
Card Reader: Realtek USB works via AnyCardReader.kext

The installation was via ##### however i did not use ##### afterwards personally i like it even more vanilla than ##### however because i3 were not supported natively until 10.6.3 we are stuck unless you have a snow leopard disc that is using 10.6.3 or higher. i believe i had to use -x -v -f as options to get where i needed to install the OS. make sure ahci is enabled in bios or you will not get as far as installation. Once booted into operating system i updated to 10.6.6 combo and recieved a kernel panic at the end of instalation dont worry just reboot again with -x -f and run the installer again. once updated all you will have to do is install latest chameleon to EFI partition and stick the contents of my EFI partition on there and you will be up and running after a reboot:P the only thing that needs to be done manually is install voodooHDA 2.7.2 to /system/library/extensions you can also run voodoohda off the EFI partition but i decided not to as you need a few extra extensions to make it work so defeats the point really. then all you have to do is install the realtek driver for Ethernet.

i have my installation as dual boot with windows 7 if you dont know how to do this then ask elsewhere it is fairly easy simple breakdown is boot snow leopard installation format disk as GUID 2 partitions one as Macintosh HD HFS+ filesystem and the other as windows set as fat32. continue install of snow leopard get to desktop reboot install windows 7 to windows fat32 partition. reboot back into snow leopard with boot cd and install latest chameleon to EFI partition then stick the included files on there and everything should be A OK.

The only issues that are left with this laptop are system profiler show diagnostics as failed on memory dimm0. this is cosmetic as i bought 2 of these laptop at the same time and both showed it. i beleive this is to do with the bios programming it shows 4 dimm slots but labelled the following way:
bank0 dimm0
bank1 dimm1
bank2 dimm1
bank3 dimm3

this is also shown in windows under everest or similar system utilities programs like cpu-z. hoping someone can shed some light on this strange issue. Another issue is occasionally the laptop will wake from sleep immediately after being put to sleep this is caused by the usb specifically the built in webcam however changing dsdt values to remove sleep capabilitys does not rectify the situation as a quick fix if it does wake immediately after sleep you have to press fn + Esc key this disables webcam and should then sleep properly. again any fixes for this would be a welcome addition. Do not use attached DSDT under the following circumstances:

A) you are not using core i3 350m // i beleive this laptop can come with core i5 and i7 also

B) you are using more than 2GB or ram i only have 1 stick of ram if you have 4GB the memory addresses in the attached DSDT will be different so be warned :P

TBH it would be advisable to just alter your own DSDT and use diffmerge or something similar to compare your original DSDT to mine and make the necessary alterations. the attached extra folder though contains all of the themes smbios plist Boot.plist and extensions and mkext to make the system plug and play. and a tasty theme it is to boot:P smbios plist is set as macbookpro 6.1 as this is the closest match.
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