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19 December 2010 - 10:34 PM

Hi all

good news is chameleon auto generated p states and c states works
bad news is they dont work as well

only educated guessing here but my q6600 is overclocked to 3GHz which would be the logical answer however thinking deeper it makes no sense as this is the G0 stepping and i can run at 3GHz with less voltage specified manually in bios than if i left it as auto in bios.
The VID values i used in the DSDT orginally were made based upon the voltages i manually set in the bios. As these are lower than the default values one would expect temps to go slightly up using auto generated C states and P states in chameleon as this is basically extracting values from SSDT tables from bios and injecting them properly into the operating system. however what is occuring is random instability in the operating system using the new chameleon method so i have returned to just manually using the DSDT method as i have had the most stable system for nearly a year without incident and this was the only recent change i made.

second topic

i have just bought and started the long process of getting mac stable on a new laptop the lenovo Z560 great laptop very compatible except audio
however as this is a new i3 it has way more information in the SSDT tables and i have yet to take the plunge and editing the dsdt to include the c state and p state information and i am currently just using chameleon to do the hard work for me. now for whatever reason once i am booted into the os and at desktop its very stable havent had a single crash but when booting its a different story i recieve mabey 1 out of 3 times when booting a random kernel panic relating to many things . originally i thought i was due to voodoohda as it was always present in the kernel backtrace of dependencies however this is not the case as i have these kernel panics occuring on completely unrelated things. this leads me to believe that again its the chameleon p state and c states at fault. that last statement is a bit harsh i shall try and explain further the SSDT and DSDT state there are 8 CPUS in this machine and this is seen when booting in verbose mode however CPUs 4 to 7 are disabled this obviously occurs as this machine can be configured with a dual core i3 /i5 which would be 4 cores 2 physical and 2 logical hyperthreading and a core i7 4 physical 4 logical now this is why the SSDT tables contain the extra info for these core that dont exist this may be partly responsible for the instablilty of the chameleon method as its scraping this info from the SSDTs and injecting it accordingly. WHat i would like to know is there any way to use voodoopstate or any other tool that will work with the new core i3 processors as the way i got this information for my q6600 does not work for this core i3 350m ie the tools dont support the new architecture.

ps sorry for ther long winded rant :P

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15 April 2010 - 09:21 PM


I have a X48 based board with Q6600 also overclocked to 3GHz i have looked at your DSDT and added what i changed to make the SpeedStep work on my board a few things to note are that i believe you should have smbios plist set to mac pro 3.1 otherwise the speedstep wont work properly also since we are running different intel based chipsets and also different q6600's the voltages that mine are set to may make yours unstable as i actually have set mine to custom undervolted voltages as my chip turned out to be a good-un :P so if any instability occurs just substitute the voltages and you should be set i believe the VID for the q6600 G0 revision is set at 1.2875 according to my motherboard however i can overclock it to 3GHz and undervolt it to 1.21675 and it is absolutely stable yours may not be also yours may be the B3 stepping of the Q6600 which ran hotter and probably takes more voltage to reach 3GHz however give this a go and report back there is no harm in trying as the voltages are lower than your board would set at stock to be safe i have the DSDT voltages set to 1.292 which should be very compatible with all but the worst batches of Q6600's

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08 April 2010 - 01:25 AM

Im sorry to say pwned :P XFX 4870 1Gb default clocks 8.8 Seconds FTW.
BTW GTS 250 in UK are selling for about 100 pounds ATM
I bought a 4870 512 MB in november for 89 pounds at ebuyer
I bought another 4870 1GB in February for 99.99 from http://www.videocardshop.co.uk/
Anyone who wants a good card for cheap i suggest from here as there was only a few left when i bought them and they wont last long at that price Peace.
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