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10 August 2014 - 04:15 PM

@Yehia Amer /others


I am running a tripple boot with clover on a gpt disk.I have flashed with a modded bios and in the bios settings it says boot efi but no further choices (it is selected by default).

But installing  clover with the option to boot exclusive in uefi mode does not make ithe hard drive to be bootable.

But as blazinsmokey says in post 1501 above clover boots the oses only when its installed with these options-

  • Install Clover in the ESP
  • Bootloader -> Install boot0ss in MBR
  • CloverEFI -> CloverEFI 64-bits SATA
  • Install RC scripts on target volume
  • Install Clover Preference Pane.

So what I am asking is, is it an efi set up or is  it some uefi shell on bios.Why cant we boot with pure uefi install of clover if insyde bios is already uefi supportive.I already have modded bios.

Do we need to make a HP_Tool partion or name EFI partition that and install hp uefi support enviornment tools to it, to make it a pure uefi setup.


Any explanations on these above said points.

Also if i chose install  clover to boot  uefi mode (first option in clover installler), then the os does not boot, it says no operating syatem found and I need to install clover with the above shown settings to boot.

Is it ok, meaning we dont have a true efi install because of our bios.


Please respond.

Thanks in advance.

In Topic: Clover_v2k_r2780_Special Edition_Yosemite Beta 1-2

07 August 2014 - 08:54 PM

well clover v2801 special edition also fails to apply the lapic error fix for my hp notebook on the fly inspite of choosing it in binary patching option.

Had to boot with cpus=1 , went back to v2796,

hope next versions correct that too.

In Topic: [Guide] Mammoth Method v2.00 - HP DVx 10.6.x: Fast, Easy, Comprehensive Insta...

13 July 2014 - 02:10 PM


well My ubuntu install got bonked along with my data partiton while trying to install in clover efi with gpt, as you can see from my signature I was tripple booting from one hdd earlier on a mixed gpt mbr with chameleon.

I have sucessfully installed yosemite and win 8.1 with clover efi ,now am reading as how add ubuntu in uefi mode.


Also I want to keedp a parttion for my data that I would like to read from all os,so fat32 seems to be the way to go,.

Some people on other threads advise to not use fat 32 on efi gpt disk all together.

Any sugggestions about patitioning.


Currently I have installed os x as first ,win 8.1 as second os and plan to install ubuntu as third  in sequential order followed by a partition for my data.

In Topic: [Guide] Mammoth Method v2.00 - HP DVx 10.6.x: Fast, Easy, Comprehensive Insta...

11 July 2014 - 01:56 PM



Thanks ,got it going myself by trial and error, but still contemplating about choosing eft and legacy as it will require reformatting.

In Topic: [Guide] Mammoth Method v2.00 - HP DVx 10.6.x: Fast, Easy, Comprehensive Insta...

10 July 2014 - 06:43 AM



Are you booting to your hdd install with ignoring caches and injecting kexts?


You must know by yourself, which touchpad brand is installed in your device. Perhaps you need an other or newer version of the kext.


Have fun.


Well its a synaptic touchpad on hp dv6.


I am booting to hdd and not using the usekernelcache command and not injecting kexts as that option does not appear in clover options for me.

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