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In Topic: [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install On DX58SO (Core i7) Mobo

29 August 2012 - 12:07 AM

Hey there! So Im fixing up the same system again, but this time I understand much more things than before (I seem so stupid now reading my own old posts..) :) I tried 2Part system - it worked, now im finishing Yours system with install from DVD's (with no Surgery partition), there were some problems, but i figured them out, now I'm stuck with weird thing, same as user S.V. I have not used Disabler.kext (he used NullCpuPower...) in this last attempt of making a system, because im using patched DSDT. Everything seems to be OK, but geekbench scores only ±5500, but when i put back Disabler.kext I get ±9000 score. What the hell is that? :) Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

In Topic: OS X Mountain Lion Install Guide for Dell XPS 17 L702x Optimus

22 June 2012 - 04:13 PM

Well, I have A17 BIOS so theres no sleep anyway :)
Ok, i installed those kexts with kext utility, then deleted cashe file (do i need to delete only ONE "kernelcashe" file, not all in that dir?), and then ran kext utility couple times, still have clicks from subwoofer... What am I doing wrong? (same click problem after installing those kext from pkg)

BTW current update works fine. I updated everything now. Just had to update iTunes separatelly. (I did reinstall all System kexts after update just to be sure, but it booted fine after update).

Also is there any way to check if all those SSDT SSDT-1, SSDT-2.... work? How do I check CPU rates? all that?
UPDATE: im running GeekBench, I can see the multiplier changing to various numbers, does that mean ALL SSDT's work? Also sometimes CPU temp goes over 72 celcius. Is that OK??
ALso I can see MAX multiplier x28 and that gives me only 2,77 GHz. Why doesnt it go more? (Maybe those SSDT's are just for 2630, not for 2670 CPU?)


P.S I just noticed that Geekbench result is smaller by thousand when you do the test with power cable unplugged. Just to let you know guys.. :)
P.S. 2 Does the scroll with touchpad HAS to be backwards? :) Or can I change it somewhere?

In Topic: OS X Mountain Lion Install Guide for Dell XPS 17 L702x Optimus

21 June 2012 - 09:10 PM

I see theres VoodooBattery.kext in new package by macky, so is it better then AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext or what? :]

macky: theres 5 thunderbolt kexts and i cant find ACard62xxM.kext or any other, just Accusys6xxxx.kext, AppleACPIPlatform.kext, AppleHDA.kext, (from first text line)
theres 7 ATTO kexts

most of kexts numbers you written are actually bigger...
its actually IOAudio2Family.kext..

wont we have to replace .plist files again after installing chameleon? It replaces them.

GOD I hate that click noise every few seconds from subwoofer. Anyone has the same problem?
And also im trying to fully update 10.7.4. will see what happens...

In Topic: OS X Mountain Lion Install Guide for Dell XPS 17 L702x Optimus

21 June 2012 - 08:14 PM

I don't event get why after updating to 10.7.4 I have to delete Voodoo Battery? :) (UPDATE: probably because we install AppleSmartBatteryManager aftewards?) Why theres no "delete Voodoobattery.kext" now in a first page after guide update?
Generic = same = common?

Also why after I install Chameleon 2.1, reboot, it still shows Chameleon 2.0 at system preferences?

God, it changed so much in past couple years.. Its hard to keep it up with other guys, especially when you do big breaks from hacking.. :)

In Topic: OS X Mountain Lion Install Guide for Dell XPS 17 L702x Optimus

21 June 2012 - 03:23 PM

Doix: any chance You could put all your files from package in seperate zip without install package? in case someone like me would like to compare Yours with macky's or smth..
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