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The (unofficial) MacWorld predictions thread

01 January 2007 - 10:17 PM

Once again we are in this time of the year, when rumors, analysis, hopes and wishful thinking run freely on the internet on enormous amounts, overlapping and stacking until we don't know which one is which. MacWorld is almost upon us! What do you predict Jobs will release on his keynote?

Many believe that some of the most long lasting Apple rumors will become true in a few days, things like the iPhone, Newton return or PDA, Mac tablet, and the video iPod have been strong rumors for years, and all have its supporters. Do you think one of those will come true, or something completely different will be unveil, perhaps shocking new features of known coming products like the iTV or Leopard will be instead?

Write what, in your oppinion, will happen or you only wish it would.

I expect the following:
  • iLife and iWork released (with simple spreadsheet app, and a way to add content to iWeb pages from a web interface).
  • One or two major studios added to iTunes store.
  • iTV released (it\'s hard to know if will do more than just receive streaming from other macs but I hope so)
  • Leopard announced with release date (1-1.5 months).
  • Short Photoshop CS3 Demo on Intel.
  • 8 core Mac pro released (CS3 Demo on this machine).
  • iPod phone announced (small, more iPod than phone).
  • .Mac improved (they better! and they should reduce pricing).
  • no video iPod

The iPhone: a Cingular exclusive, early 2007

26 September 2006 - 12:26 PM

Think Secret is reporting on the mother of all mac rumors, the iPhone. According to Ryan Kayz, senior editor, Apple and Cingular have signed a contract for the exclusivity of the phone, valid for half a year. The iPhone is still scheduled for an early 2007 launch (Macworld anyone?), meaning that other service providers will join the party around mid-07. Apple is in talks for similar deals around the world, but the source couldn't give more information.

Think secret has previously reported that the phone will sport a candy-bar design, a 2.2 in screen, and a 3 Megapixel camera, and clearly iTunes and iSync integration.

Read the article.

CrossOver mac alpha 3

11 August 2006 - 09:52 PM

I just got an email form code weavers informing me that they released a new alpha of their mac version of the well known product.

I'm downloading it, and will post any findings.

If you are of the curious type here is the content of the email:

I'm pleased to announce that we have put up CrossOver Mac 6.0,
alpha release 3, for your testing pleasure.

This version has come a long way since alpha 2; the user interface
has been revised to (hopefully) streamline the whole process.
It should be the case that you can insert a CD now, and after just
1 click, have the Windows installer start running.

Further, this version should now install and operate all of the
Microsoft 2003 productivity applications, such as Office, Visio,
and Project.

Outlook 2003 is beginning to be useful, but only when connecting
to an Exchange Server, and only if you also install either Word 2003
or Internet Explorer (If you don't, you can't compose HTML email).

Some games may start to work, but you shouldn't expect much joy.
Games can't set their resolutions (or go full screen) yet, and most
games are surly about that. Half Life 2 looks very promising, but
at it's core, will not work because of a subtle issue with mouse event

Again, please note carefully that this version is labelled as
'Alpha'; that means we don't think that it's done yet, nor do
we think it's ready for wide spread testing. We have a lot
we intend to do before beta, including fixing games,
eliminating some crashes, speeding things up, improving the UI integration
a bit so that we always get easy to use icons, and a whole slew of
other improvements to Wine.

This version is completely different than Alpha 2, so you
*cannot* upgrade your existing installation; you must completely
reinstall. To do that, navigate to your home directory,
and move or remove the
Library/Application Support/CrossOver

I appreciate your patience with us through this process. It is taking
us much longer than we had hoped (or predicted). The glimmer of
good news is that we are making steady progress; it's just more
gradual than we had hoped.

To download alpha3, and to discuss the alpha and report your findings,
please visit:
Note that you will have to be logged in to our web site first.

We do ask that you file a testing report after your install, even
if everything worked perfectly (and especially if it worked horribly).
Please forgive us in advance for being slow to reply; a lot of the folks
that normally monitor those forums are travelling this week.

Will Finder be redesigned or remain mostly the same?

08 August 2006 - 12:20 AM

Finder is a hot topic when talking about leopard, most people (if not all) think finder needs an important overhaul, it makes sense for apple to improve it, there are things that are inconvinient, and others that have to be changed to follow its evolution is some areas. The weirdness started when not even a single improvement of finder was mentioned on the keynote; finder was completely ignored, only mentioned and shown when it was needed to show a feature on another app.

This made me, and others (see this TUAW article), believe that we will indeed see a major upgrade to it (as it would be expected), and hints that the upgrade will be an essential part of leopard and a major upgrade point.

Perhaps it will add innovative file browsing features unknown to the consumer market. Or far more likely, expand the current "smart folder" and spotlight features. Like adding tagging and manually modifiable metadata, and more ways (more practical) to make use of them, without limiting oneself to the standard folder structure. Accompanied with interface improvements and changes on the window structure

What do you think about this? is finder going to remain largely untouched or be completely redesigned?
And in the spirit of the "WWDC 2006 Prediction Thread" What do you predict is going to be changed.

VirtualPC for mac ✝ 1997-2006

07 August 2006 - 11:04 PM

According to this Macworld article MS decided to halt development of said product, mainly because of the intel transition, making the next version of VirtualPC like making a complete new software.

A Microsoft representative said at WWCD:
"Mac BU has made the decision not to move forward with a Universal version of Virtual PC at this time; however, current Virtual PC customers will continue to receive product support"

(mac BU stands for mac Business Unit)
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