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In Topic: Dell Latitude e6420 garbled screen [HD3000, El Capitan]

13 January 2016 - 02:32 PM

You're welcome, consider it another aspect of your Hackintosh ongoing education... You try, you fail, you experiment, you learn. That's the idea; makes a break from perpetual spoonfeeding...


Indeed, Enoch does not do the AICPUPM patch that Clover did. You can read about EC-capable Enoch in this thread. You may attempt to boot in single-user mode and add NullCPUPM or the patched AICPUPM kext.


I see you're booting with an MBP4,1 SMBIOS, which is not the right profile for a Latitude E6420 with SandyBridge CPU and Intel HD3000 graphics. Using Chameleon Wizard, set your SMBIOS profile to MacBookPro8,2 and save the SMBIOS plist in your /Extra folder.


You'll also need a kernel plist in which you place references to injected kexts location and/or patches to use (a bit like Clover, but just a bit...). In the case of the SandyBridge platform, only 1 parameters is useful:

  • KernelBooter_kexts (=Yes/No) -> tells Enoch to load (or not) injected kexts from /Extra/Extensions

Injected kexts will incur a sligghtly slower boot time than if kexts were placed in /Library/Extensions for instance, but it's a powerful way to test kexts: place proven kexts in /L/E and cache/prelink them; place test kexts in /E/E and inject them with KernelBooter_kexts=Yes.

Thanks for your guidance, Herve! Problem still exists, frequent freezing and graphic glitching..  going back to Clover as I've been working with this package for quite a while.. Peluco, have you experienced improved graphics behaviour through your work? Thanks. 

In Topic: Dell Latitude e6420 garbled screen [HD3000, El Capitan]

12 January 2016 - 06:41 PM

Tried that, didn't want to boot. Created a fresh USB as per Enoch guide. I'm getting the dreaded KP. Thanks Herve. 

In Topic: Dell Latitude e6420 garbled screen [HD3000, El Capitan]

12 January 2016 - 03:36 PM

Maybe something to do with Clover settings then... I only ever use Chameleon and/or Enoch and have not experienced this behaviour on the E6420. Maybe you try a new EC installation with Enoch and compare.

Thanks Herve, could I delete the Clover boot files and simply install Enoch w/ pertinent Extra folder/files?

In Topic: Dell Latitude e6420 garbled screen [HD3000, El Capitan]

12 January 2016 - 01:17 AM

Thanks for pipin' in.. having the darndest time trying to rectify these glitches on my E6420 (1440x900).. and it looks like I'm not alone at the card table. I have tried every suggestion posted.. the behaviour is unusual, unlike anything i've experienced with previous systems over the last several years. When I, for instance, launch MacIasl, the gui will display with transparency, freeze my system for a few seconds, and then correct it's display. When I download any file, the system will freeze mid-stream in the process. 

Kind Regards. ssprod

In Topic: Dell Latitude e6420 garbled screen [HD3000, El Capitan]

11 January 2016 - 02:34 PM

Greetings, tried all of the FB settings, none seemed to improve the freezing issue. Freezing is particularly consistent when downloading any file, or when opening MacIasl. I'm attaching my config, dsdt, and ssdt if any owners of this system wants to tinker and tweak. Hopefully, our persistence and focus will pay off!  :w00t:

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