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In Topic: Lilu — kext and process patcher

18 October 2017 - 02:38 AM

SavageAUS, after over a thousand posts of spam you have in your profile have not you learnt to provide at least something relevant ...



Alright. What you expect me to do with that response?... - Do you read people's entire posts you quote or just spam threads?



I do read posts and I do not spam...



Posts of spam? wow. I didn't bother to report anything as i was testing unreleased software and it could have been my error. From what i could tell it was NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext that was causing the issue with the 1.2.0 version while ...


lol. Some people never change on here... 


On a side note, grateful for Lilu vit9696 - thank you for your hard work.


EDIT: SavageAUS I'm not having a personal conversation with you/PMs I didn't even bother reading whatever you sent me I deleted it. 

In Topic: Above 4G Decoding Causes Failure to Boot

14 August 2017 - 12:15 AM

I do read posts and I do not spam. I was simply stating that I have the same option in my UEFI bios and enabling it doesn't cause any issues. So perhaps it's a config error on your behalf.
I know my 960 is not a pro card but the option is in my UEFI bios and I can enable it (I don't) and boot just fine. So the point isn't moot, it's a bios option that I can enable without any issues and you can't.
This is a help forum and I provided help by showing you my system and stating that I also have the option as with another of your systems but one of yours has issues with the option so perhaps it's a config error.
Is your bios up to date?
Maybe reset bios settings to recommended, reboot, change basic settings to boot macOS, boot into macOS, test, reboot, enable setting, reboot, test.

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Yep - latest BIOS - have tried defaults etc but as I was saying above it happens on certain chipsets when the controller kext initializes for the GPU - for instance if I load the system without QE/CI enabled, it works (Above 4G). With QE/CI enabled - it fails when initializing the video card (verbose)... can't seem to figure it. Have tried with UEFI / without. With Whateverkext / without. ATI inject on/off. DSDT/none/ Clover/ non. All patches / different arrangements etc. Kinda exhausting what to think of. 


Far as your motherboard and enabling Above 4G decoding is concerned goes. I'll explain. So - when you enable it in the UEFI what happens is - it then allows the support of the feature; but for it to actually work a couple other factors have to be met. 1) You'll need to manually raise the PCI latency timer to something above "32" in your UEFI unless yours does so automatically 2) You have PCI/PCI-E devices that actually support "Above 4G decoding" - meaning if you don't - it won't actually be enforced on any devices once the OS engages. That's all I meant by "moot point". 

In Topic: Above 4G Decoding Causes Failure to Boot

12 August 2017 - 06:51 PM

I also have the "Above 4G decoding" option in my UEFI bios, enabling it does not cause any issues in macOS for me. See desktop build in sig.


Alright. What you expect me to do with that response? I already stated that the X99-A Raider doesn't have this issue. I know it's not a universal issue. - Do you read people's entire posts you quote or just spam threads?


EDIT: Also the Geforce GTX 960 isn't even capable of Above 4G decoding so it's a moot point in the case of your system; you wouldn't even be able to test the issue without a pro-card. 

In Topic: macOS Sierra/High Sierra on Broadwell E/EP (not a guide but maybe a working i...

22 October 2016 - 06:43 AM

Thanks fabiosun ! Been banging my head against the keyboard a little with this one... Had made some changes since posting made a little headway removed the x79 kexts (like youd said) will make all the other changes you have mentioned. I really appreciate the help.


In Topic: macOS Sierra/High Sierra on Broadwell E/EP (not a guide but maybe a working i...

18 October 2016 - 10:40 PM

Still having issues - and it's a work in progress (current build is my signature) but I've been able to access the OS off of a Ext HD (after disabling SIP - via rec partition after install process) and boot to a working installer USB thumbdrive. - Posted EFI .zip contains all my working files that have gotten me this far including the latest copy of clover I'm using and I've also attached a copy of my patched kernel I'm using that got me into the system (with my 6850K). I should note I've only been using one core and no EIST, no turbo, no power management features no C-states. However I've been able to leave overclocking enabled without issues so far. I should note that sometimes I have to system reset to boot as sometimes I can and sometimes I can't boot into the system (from bootloader) I receive "Couldn't allocate runtime area" errors ... anyways - hopefully others in the community can add to or take away from some of these files and perhaps it will help. 


[Kernel Download]


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