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In Topic: [Guide] Dell XPS 15 L502X (Early 2011) Snow Leopard Install (possibly L702x too)

30 November 2014 - 07:44 AM


Cisar, I managed to install Yosemite via this link: http://www.insanelym...eleon-r2510-v5/
Everything went well, I'm booting normally. I installed some drivers, such as sound and network. The sound driver installed, but makes no sound. I could not install the WiFi driver. Do you know where can the wifi driver?
Thanks :)


If you're using the default wifi chip that came with the laptop (the one with bluetooth) then it won't work, we have no viable drivers for that specific chipset. People here have replaced their wifi module with an atheros/bcm based one since they are supported out of the box.


Have you tried the VoodooHDA kext I provided to Alexandru?


Managed to solve the battery problem, i think it was a problem with the semicolons because i didn't do a raw copy. Now the last problem i have is nothing happens if i close the lid.

Sleep works if i go to the menu and select sleep. Any1 got any clues? I am using AICPUPM 10.9 which comes with ##### for Yosemite and the good old A06 bios (unlocked).


10x again Doix for the help.


Update your BIOS to captain's skaar's A12, it's patched to not need a modified AICPUPM.kext. Other than this, maybe it's some old kext conflict? Did you do a fresh install? See if that helps you get closer to the problem. 

In Topic: [Guide] Dell XPS 15 L502X (Early 2011) Snow Leopard Install (possibly L702x too)

23 November 2014 - 03:36 AM

Hey guys, i installed Yosemite using this guide: http://www.insanelym...7-v4/?p=2064388

Everything seams to work quite well except the sound and batery. I can get the sound working with voodoodha but that sounds just terrible. The bass is quite bad. No luck however with the battery kext. Anyone managed to get them working for Yosemite?


Battery: https://github.com/R...-Battery-Driver


DSDT Patch: https://github.com/R...l-XPS-L502x.txt


Apply it with https://github.com/R...iASL-patchmatic and you will have a working battery.


It works with the vanilla AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext https://www.dropbox....r.kext.zip?dl=0


About the sound:  try this version of VHDA, it provides same quality sound as AppleHDA on Maverick, at least for me... https://www.dropbox....A.kext.zip?dl=0

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