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05 March 2015 - 01:54 AM


Just and update:
I've got two machines both with Asrock Fatali1ty z78 Killer MB. Both are now working with ATY, Baladi FB and show as  R9 290X in "About"


One of my computers has two liquid cooled MSI r9 290x Gamers. This computer has 3 1080p monitors and one 720p (on an active DP converter). That machine is a i5 4670K.


The other computer has a MSI Lightning and gigabyte Windforce 3 and xeon 1230v3 CPU. That computer has a 1440p monitor (x-star) and a 1080p HDTV.


Anyway, following this thread and trying various things. I've got the computer working with DL DVI (without flicker) using the following config. The HDMI port is also active and can be used with 2nd monitor. There is no flicker/glitch issue requiring sleep/wake. That computer has a Lightning with is not standard PCB.

<key>Graphics</key>	<dict>		<key>DualLink</key>		<integer>1</integer>		<key>FBName</key>		<string>Baladi</string>		<key>Inject</key>		<dict>			<key>ATI</key>			<true/>			<key>Intel</key>			<false/>			<key>NVidia</key>			<false/>		</dict>		<key>VRAM</key>		<integer>4096</integer>		<key>VideoPorts</key>		<integer>5</integer>	</dict>	<key>KernelAndKextPatches</key>	<dict>		<key>ATIConnectorsController</key>		<string>8000</string>		<key>ATIConnectorsData</key>		<string>000400000403000000010300120403030004000004030000000101001102010100040000040300000001020021030202000400000403000000010400220504040004000004030000000105001000050500040000040300000001060020010606</string>		<key>ATIConnectorsPatch</key>		<string>000800000400000000010300220503030004000004000000000101002103010200040000040000000001020012040201040000000400000000010400010204040400000004000000000105000000050600040000040000000001060020010605</string>		<key>AppleRTC</key> 
The other computer with the 4 monitors is working with the following: 
<key>Graphics</key>	<dict>		<key>DualLink</key>		<integer>1</integer>		<key>FBName</key>		<string>Baladi</string>		<key>Inject</key>		<dict>			<key>ATI</key>			<true/>			<key>Intel</key>			<false/>			<key>NVidia</key>			<false/>		</dict>		<key>VRAM</key>		<integer>4096</integer>		<key>VideoPorts</key>		<integer>5</integer>	</dict>	<key>KernelAndKextPatches</key>	<dict>		<key>ATIConnectorsController</key>		<string>8000</string>		<key>ATIConnectorsData</key>		<string>000400000403000000010300120403030004000004030000000101001102010100040000040300000001020021030202000400000403000000010400220504040004000004030000000105001000050500040000040300000001060020010606</string>		<key>ATIConnectorsPatch</key>		<string>000800000402000000010200220502030004000004030000000101011204010100040000040300000001020021030202040000001402000000010300110203040004000004030000000105001000050500020000040200000001040110000406</string>		<key>AppleRTC</key> 

Along the way, i've noticed changes to CSM (compatibility support module) in BIOS effect which ports work and which cause a black-screen.


I ordered an cheap active HDMI -> VGA cable for the computer with 4 monitors and hopefully then they will be able to use the same config.plist.


The system is really solid but I do notice Safari seems to have some strange issue with animation bitmaps only when running on the rightmost monitor. Its like a portion of the screen is like a frame or two behind the rest. I've tried to switch which port goes to the rightmost monitor and the problem persisted on the same monitor so I think it may be a Safari bug (vs video driver) because I don't see it with other apps.


Every once in a while the monitors fail to wake from sleep on both machines. That happened on the 1230v3 machine with Lightning with about the same frequency under Windows 8.1. The other machine with the two MSI gamers never did that... 


Anyway, hope this info is useful to someone and I'm not just cluttering up the internet. 



i paste your same config parameters into my conifig.plist,and boot mac 10.10.2 with clover(Revision:3185)+DSDT(Baladi PEGP and HDAU Code),but still black screen。。。。 i'v also tried various ways but can not figure it out! With no inject ATI in config.plist and without DSDT PEGP code,can log in 10.10.2 normally,but the display card name is 8***。。。

Can you help me figure it out? Any files you need,Just let me know,Thanks!
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