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On Chromebook Acer C720P

26 December 2015 - 01:05 AM

Anyone got any luck getting El Capitan booting on a Chromebook.


I am so close, as C720P is a Haswell, and Chameleon has a patch for it.


It goes through the boot process up to ID 'ing the hard disk and gets stuck at seeking for root device :(


It's a good USB install as I can get it to work on other PC's


I tried to inject this


<key>Default Partition</key>
with no luck either.

samba shares not coonecting

22 December 2015 - 01:51 AM

Trying to access samba shares from El Capitan leads to permission denied, it used to work in Mavericks and Yosemite, any idea how to fix this?

Cloning MacBook Air to make a Hackintosh

18 December 2015 - 08:50 PM

Well, I did this:


Use disk utility to clone the Macbook Air to a gpt partition of an external usb 3 hard disk.


Use an available Hackintosh installation to do the rest which is:


1. Uncheck Ignore ownership on this volume


2. Install latest compatible Enoch Chameleon with the advised settings.


3. Add some kexts such as Voodoo, etc.


4. Use the MacBook Air where El Capitan is installed to run First Aid on the Volume.


5. Reboot on the target PC I intended to use (with its DSDT in the /Extra folder.


It works.


Only caveat I have not yet cracked is the Terminal app does not work, it loads but terminates with an error.


I am going to download the latest combo update and see if that fixes it.


Oh the PC is actually Acer W700 which I worked on earlier for Mavericks and Yosemite, I can't use the display, but use an external HDMI monitor :)


Ah and I'm writing this on El Capitan from the Acer W700 :)

Atheros Bluetooth alternative.

25 October 2015 - 01:04 AM

If you have Yosemite with no available Atheros adapters drivers, the solution to get Bluetooth to work is to get a compatible usb adapter (Broadcom are usually good).


You need then to disable the Atheros adapter, the best way to do this I found is to delete the associated kext which is in:


/S/L/E/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/Plugins > AirPortAtheros40.kext


then correct ownership on IO80211Family.kext,

run kext utility,

and reboot.


Bluetooth on the usb adapter will then work fine.


Of course, you will still need another adapter for the wifi, if you aren't using ethernet, for which you need an adapter too, etc :)

Thunderbolt pricey accessories

30 December 2014 - 07:56 PM

Thunderbolt accessories are still far more expensive than usb 3.0 / usb 2.0 accessories, there is a big price tag just to be able to use the extra afforded bandwidth.


I got Belkin TB dock 1.0, it is a nice piece of kit, and allows me to get three USB 3.0 ports, as I have only USB 2.0 on mid-2011 Macbook Air.


My gripe, I cannot boot from them, as the driver is not in the firmware and only loads after the Mac boot process.


I also noticed it is not hot swappable within other OSes, only within the native Mac OSes, i.e. OS X and Windows through bootcamp.


If I want say to use Linux, I have to switch on the dock and connect it before I boot into Linux (or Android for that matter).


Now to boot from Thunderbolt, there is 2 solutions, one is a SATA hard disk dock which is from Seagate I think, and the other is dedicated external Thunderbolt hard drives, and all these are priced over 120 UK Pounds (around over 180 US Dollars), too pricey in my view.


Booting from USB 2.0 is OK but slow.


Having a post 2013 Macbook Air gets you USB 3.0, but again too expensive just to get the privilege of USB 3.0.


I wonder when will Thunderbolt accessories drop down to a more affordable price bracket, such as less than 100 pounds, maybe when USB 3.1 is finally released?

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