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29 December 2014 - 04:01 PM

Macbook Air with other OSes.


So far, I managed to get 


Linux Ubuntu 14.04 and Android 4.4.2 running off the SDXC slot.


Linux just by pressing the Options key and in the menu it appears as a Windows entry.


Android by using windows 8 bootcamp, with easyBCD.


Chrome OS is yet to crack, as I cannot make the Macbook to boot directly to the SDXC or the USB, this is an Apple hardware limitation.


Linux Ubuntu 14.04 makes use of all the hardware which is great.


Android almost, only Bluetooth does not work, but a BT usb dongle worked, and the trackpad only allows navigation no clicking, so an external usb or BT mouse is needed.


Windows2GO 32bit usb also works well, though I had to scavenge some bootcamp Windows 7 32bit drivers.


In all much better than Acer Chromebook C720P for using other OSes.

In Topic: FixEDID V2.3.2, Application to generate overrides automatically for Apple Dis...

22 November 2014 - 04:31 PM

I don't know why you all have Problems with internal eDP displays... i have an UX301LA Laptop with an Sharp LQ133T1JW14 Screen its an IGZO Display connected through 4Lane Internal eDP Connection, and its working vanilla perfect... newer had any problem with it on OS X...


Here are the Specs of the Display:




And my external DisplayPort Monitor, LG 29eb93, working perfect too...


So where are your problems with eDP displays, i don't understand... as far i know it doesn't matter if you have an Internal LVDS or internal eDP Display...

Cheers :-)


PS: My Laptop doesn't have any LVDS / eDP converter build in, i know that, because i can set profiles in my Unlocked Bios... If i change BootDisplay from eDP to LVDS inside bios, my screen doesn't work... so what i mean is, my screen is definitive eDP connected, without any converters...


Cheers :-)


My Acer W700 HM77 Hybrid Tablet has an Intel HD3000 graphics card with Intel i3 sandybridge processor and eDP LCD, I have never been able to get a display on its LCD screen, and had to resort to use an HDMI external monitor.


The discussion on this is here:



If you have a method to get an internal eDP LCD screen work with OS X on an Intel HD3000 graphics chipset, I am eager to test it ;)

In Topic: Mac App Store access with NullEthernet.kext

21 November 2014 - 07:24 AM

NullEthernet.kext is required in all scenarios. From there, it only needs a catalyst to load. Only a single catalyst is required (DSDT patch, SSDT, injector). If multiple catalysts are installed, one will win and the others will be ignored.


Using all catalysts on Yosemite did not work for me as it destroyed my usb wifi.


DSDT patch on its own worked.


That being said I do not use Yosemite on the Acer W700 because it keeps the LCD light on.


Mavericks projects through HDMI to external monitor without switching on the Tablet LCD screen.

(remember having eDP cannot use the Tablet LCD, so might as well be switched off).

In Topic: Mac App Store access with NullEthernet.kext

20 November 2014 - 10:40 PM

Yosemite is more unforgiving than Mavericks and does not like redundancy, I had to remove all the fluff, and only keep:


DSDT patch only (not the SSDT file)

the null ethernet kext (not the injection)

delete preferences



at first I had trouble with wifi dongle not connecting to Internet, then it self healed and settled.


Now OK on Yosemite.


In Topic: Mac App Store access with NullEthernet.kext

20 November 2014 - 09:23 PM

Download patchmatic: https://github.com/R...iASL-patchmatic.
Extract the 'patchmatic' binary from the ZIP. Copy it to /usr/bin, such that you have the binary at /usr/bin/patchmatic.

In terminal,

rm -Rf ~/Downloads/RehabMan
mkdir ~/Downloads/RehabMan
cd ~/Downloads/RehabMan
patchmatic -extract

Post contents of Downloads/RehabMan directory (as ZIP).

Also, post ioreg: http://www.tonymacx8...copy-ioreg.html. Please, use the IORegistryExplorer v2.1 attached to the post! DO NOT reply with an ioreg from any other version of IORegistryExplorer.app.

We met already on the other thread with HD3000 lol!


Silly me again jumping before thinking, all is good now with Mavericks, will check Yosemite later.


I did not realise the actual kext was in the Release folder, as I installed only the inject kext.


So it worked with the ethernet kext in /S/L/E, the injection kext in /E/E folder, patched DSDT and throw in SSDT for good measure.


However I had to delete the Network Preferences and Preferences from Library/Preferences/Sysconfig folder to ensure I get the nullethernet device as en0 (otherwise it will still not work).


So thanks again.

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