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Error while installing "Essential software" from the 10.4.4 install DVD

03 March 2006 - 05:41 PM

I have a problem. I tried to install osx from the 10.4.4 install DVD (from De.mon.oi.d)(+applied ppf). The installer runs fine but then, when it's at the point to install the "Essential software" (just after the Base installation), the installer says that it can't continue to install the essential software. and i have to reinstall osx. From the installerlog it says:"

I think this problem isn't from the DVD because a month ago, when i tried to install 10.4.3. the same thing happened. I thought it was something with the DVD so i waited until the 10.4.4 version. Now i got the same problem again.
Osx86 10.4.1+ the update worked good on my computer.
here are some details: I did a full install on blank extern HD, with diskutility (journaled).
My computer: Dell 9150, P4 (D) 840 HT. dualcore 3,2 ghz. Geforce 7800GTX.
Anyone know what's going on? I need this so hard.

WHAT THE F*** Finder is constanly restarting!!???

23 January 2006 - 11:39 PM

Today i start my osx86 (on my extern hd) and the Finder is constantly restarting. My desktop dissapears, then comes up, then dissapears again,... this situation over and over again. I can open only a few programs, like internet explorer, Bits on wheels and Toast. I can't select anything from my desktop, so i can't go into my hd. When i select system preferences in the menu, after a second it crashes ( just like all the other app). Is there anything i can do to stop the god damn Finder?
Maybe a safe start and delete something?

I can't also edit 'dissapears' into 'disappears', but that has nothing to do with my osx.

Hmmm i can't edit anything and when i select postreply en type something in, it comes under my first sended message. Is this normal or is there something strange going on with my computer?

You see, it happens again.

DVD-ROM and DVD-RW are working very slow.

30 November 2005 - 04:52 PM

Hi all,
I have 10.4.1 installed from the generic dvd on a USB2 HD and the most things works fine.
Only my DVD-ROM/RW are working very slow, like 2-3 MB/s when i copy a DVD or CD (I put the first one on slave and second one on master). Is there anything wrong? I hope i can fix this because it takes a lot of time to copy a simple program. I tried to copy a video-DVD but mactheripper crashes every time.


Slow OSx86 on extern HD and some other problems!

28 November 2005 - 04:19 PM

I have finally installed succesfull OSx86 on an extern HD (usb2).
It was the version from the generic install dvd. I updated to 10.4.3.
I deleted the AppleTPMACPI.kext and edited the file com.apple.Boot.plist as recommed on this site:

I have a Dell Demension 9150 with dualcore 3,2 ghz and 2gb ram.
I tried out how fast Adobe creative suite works on it and the results are a bit poor;
These are the results after launching a program from the third time.
Adobe Distiller: 1 sec (On PC)
3 ,5 sec (On OSx86)
Acrobat: 1 sec
3 sec
Bridge: 2 sec
9,5 sec
Golive: 11 sec
19 sec
Illustrator: 8 sec
16 sec
imageready: 3 sec
5 sec
Indesign: 5 sec
11 sec
Photoshop: 5 sec
13 sec
With my old G4 it's the average of both.
Is this slow or normal? I'll try some more things from the SpeedBoost tips.

And i have some other problems:
I can only use my dvd-rom drive (for very slow), not my dvd-rw. Do i have to set it to master?
My soundcard, Audigy 2 ZS, don't work either.
And when i put my computer asleep only my extern HD sleeps, my screen and desktop stays running.
Any suggestions?
Despite of these things (that should be fixed in a smal time) OSx86 is GREAT.

My 2 hd's doesn't show up for installing osx86

15 November 2005 - 07:09 PM

Hi all,
I'm totally new to pc. I used for 5 years a mac before,
so sorry if this is a kind of stupid question but i can't find a to the point solution for this:
I have a dell p4 3,2 dual with 2x160gb sata hd's (raid0).
I have windows xp on it. I can only see one harddisk in xp, from 320gb,
so i don't know witch one xp has on it. On the second hd i want osx86 on it.
I have the generic os x86 install dvd and when i have to select a harddisk in diskutility nothing shows up.
i've read a lot in several forums but can't find the solution.
Is my harddisk already set to master? Do i have to open my pc for that?
Do i need partition magic 8?DD? ...damn

Thanx a lot.
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