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In Topic: Mac OS X Lion (Developer Preview) Released

26 April 2011 - 07:22 PM

We've worked hard on making a non-double faulting bootloader (the credits go to cparm for this).

and this will be my last contribution to the scene ,

fin. :P

In Topic: How to boost the OS X boot process...

09 March 2011 - 03:39 PM

Hey dude, DID you even READ what I put???.
Who's talking about cache path!!!
In this down load

is this
* Copyright 2009 by Master Chief.
* Refactored (dynamic and static SMBIOS data gathering) by DHP in 2010.


#include "libsaio.h"
#include "essentials.h"
#include "/Users/***/Projects/private_data.h" // Remove me!

/* The following two values will be generated by smbios2struct */

/* HP-SMBIOS.hex data (1614 bytes) converted with smbios2struct into little endian format. */
static uint32_t SMBIOS_Table[] =


I think you owe *** a BIG apology.

sorry i misunderstood your post,
is this an absolute proof for you:
#include "/Users/***/Projects/private_data.h" // Remove me!

look at what we can do with a text file:
#include "/Users/MasterChief/Projects/private_data.h" // Remove me!


#include "/Users/ANYNAME/Projects/private_data.h" // Remove me!

sometime i just create fake user on my computer only because binary file also contain the patch where the project is stored, sometime i use the nickname jean, steve , bill .....
my current osx account is cparm, do you think cparm is my real name ??

edit: sorry, it seems that another team member have closed this topic while i was writing this post. and i will not re-open it .

In Topic: How to boost the OS X boot process...

09 March 2011 - 03:15 PM

In one of the earlier downloads, before SHE started using Release, is a path name to private_data.h.
That pathname is NOT a mans name .Unless HE is A SHE.
Thats why in my posts I have referred to DHP as SHE.

At the end of the day, we are all here for the same purpose, how about dropping it and let us get on with the job at hand.OR is there another reason for all this hoohaa.???

@DHP keep your chin up ***, we can beat this.

patch name is not enough to load the lion cache properly since the format of the cache also changed, you need to thin it before, otherwise you will get a Mach-o error

plus the cache patch of lion and snow is exactly the same ( /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/kernelcache) , for lion there is nothing to do to find the cache,

for snow ( and only snow) u need to add at the end '_i386(or _x86_64).THEADLER32VALUE' to find it, and i already admit that my adler32 patch is inspired from revolution, but it only work with snow, lion cache don't need this adler32 fix

In Topic: How to boost the OS X boot process...

09 March 2011 - 02:42 PM

I think that I could be that kind of beginner, I'm not a dev at all, but don't understand why are you so sure that DHP and MC are the same? And if it is, what's wrong with that?

nobody can be 100% sure of anything, it's the magic of life, but more seriously I have access to certain tools and informations that you can not see, and it is an accumulation of evidence and the warning of some other members that cause I do not believe it

And if it is, what's wrong with that?

for me until he wrongly accused me, nothing (even if double account is forbidden, i had made this choice for the good of the community),

for me only, i'm not the only staff member at insanelymac ...

In Topic: How to boost the OS X boot process...

08 March 2011 - 09:13 PM

I hope she comes back as the progress made here has been eye opening and good for the hackintosh scene.

i also think that he is doing a great work, but when he say that i have steal his work, it's not true,
the revision 636 is the last version of revolution that i have downloaded..

btw, his account is still valid, and he can come back if he want
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