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What's missing to get HDMI audio output? (ASUS HD6850)

29 March 2014 - 02:06 PM

I have these:

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Even AppleHDA loads it (applehdacontroller shows up under hdau in ioreg). Also it shows up in System Profiler.


But HDMI isn't showing up in "Sound > Output" panel. Do I need to patch AppleHDA binary? Or what else needed? Do I need to add HDMI into layout12 (the layout I use in AppleHDA)?

I read many tutorials and I just don't get it what should be fixed. Can anyone help or suggest something?

ASUS HD6850 works without problem BUT only with -f

27 March 2014 - 05:36 PM

If I boot with kernel cache, then my display turns off when the desktop should appear (after boot display)

If I boot with -f (so kernel cache loaded) then display works perfectly.


I tried to recreate kernel cache many times but same happens everytime. Any idea why is this happening?

MacDrive + Win8.1 = Macintosh HD suddenly un-repairable?

27 March 2014 - 02:26 PM

Same thing happening in a few weeks:
Macintosh HD getting "invalid thread numbers" in disk utility and it says it can't be repaired. It makes OSX unbootable, but I can see all my files on the osx hdd in MacDrive from Windows. I tried to repair even from single user mode, tried multiple fsck commands but nothing helps. So I'll need to reformat AGAIN by the same problem in just a few weeks...
I noticed that in the past weeks Windows always making a folder called "System Volume Information" on the Macintosh HD's root. If I delete that folder, it always getting recreated when I start Windows. I just wondering... is it possible that this somehow f*cks up the filesystem table on the Macintosh HD? Because I never had any kind of this problem with my OSX in the last years.

Suddenly display turns off after boot

27 March 2014 - 10:21 AM

Yesterday I got an Asus radeon hd6850 gpu. I just put it into the PC, removed the gfx0 section from my dsdt.aml which was created for my old hd4830. Then added graphicsenabler yes into my boot.plist. Started up osx and it worked perfectly, everything worked, even display sleep and such.

Today if I want to start osx, display goes to sleep mode after gray apple boot screen. I can change volume and I hear the clicking sound so osx starting up, just the display goes to sleep. My question is, what the hell happened? It worked fine yesterday, and today it's not. I didn't do anything... How to fix this? Any idea?
edit: it work if I start it without kernel cache. But I still don't get it why it worked nicely yesterday and now it required to recreate kernel cache...

edit2: and now happened again... wtf!

Suddenly can't boot.

22 February 2014 - 11:03 AM

I'm running mavericks since it came out without a single kp or any issue... Today I wanted to start it, and the HDD turned off (I hear the spin down) on the grey apple boot screen. It hanged there. Okay, I thought I just reset and try again. This time the progress bar showed up on the grey boot screen, it went to 1/3 then HDD turn off, then... the whole PC just turned off! wtf

I'm now on windows and backuping my datas from mac hd... :D

Any idea what the hell happened? Why the hdd getting turned off while it's in the boot progress?

edit: booted verbose, it says there are much file system error, and then it says hdd can't be repaired and it shutdowns properly with cpu halted messages. I tried to boot my installer which is on the hdd too, that boot process goes further but it stops when it says "mounted macintosh hd" (which is the main osx partition with the errors).

edit2: my only hope is that macdrive can fix it from windows...
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