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In Topic: Clover: iMessage/Facetime Fix for Yosemite

05 November 2014 - 10:19 AM


All you need, is a valid apple Serial from a real mac. In some cases, they don't even want to know the serial. And if you don't have any, just tell them your actually not home and you just have copied the Support Code. Anyway, the Serial is only needed to associate your case with a device. Explain, that you get an error while trying to log in to iMessage. They will ask your for the Code (Something like 9378-3847-3904). After that all should work!




If possitioned correctly, you do not need a SN at all, read my post here about this.

In Topic: How to fix the iMessage/Facetime customer code error

04 November 2014 - 04:40 PM

Please I have called apple support they took me through all the possible ways to fix the iMessage but the option I still get is "Couldn't sign in. Please check your network. They checked and everything shows I have no problem with signing in . Is there something I need to do about my network settings or something?


You have an isue that is not described here, be sure to check other options, as this thread will not help you im afraid.

In Topic: How to fix the iMessage/Facetime customer code error

30 October 2014 - 04:04 PM

Hi YoYellow,

ok, do I understand correctly: With any (generated) serial i can call apple support in case that my hacky gave me a customer code on imessage?

In case that we get an rookie suporter could you advise, where to point him, for the correct procedure to fix this?





well yes and no.


a random generated serial will not get accepted at applecare, simply said the system does not recognize it and the advisor will think you made a reading error etc. but for this specific issue you dont need a serial number.


In case of a rookie advisor: they have to the icloud support tool then imesage/facetime..


Because this can be specified as an appleID issue you only need a valid appleID

From my understanding, to get Messages working after getting this error, Apple merely needs to remove a block on your account. I did this successfully last Sunday after being on the phone for over an hour (99% of which was being on hold). It was super easy and straightforward, and everything worked after reboot. Now my issue is that the same error code has come back. I don't know at what point, but I noticed last night that I'm getting the same error, with the same exact customer code. I wouldn't be surprised if this happened because some variable was changing on reboots, but given my customer code is the exact same, it would indicate the same problem repeating itself. So why was I blocked again?


I think your suspicion is correct and something did change at reboot, the code is the same as it is simply account bound and does not change every time you are blocked. the only thing is, you have to call apple again to get it unblocked...

In Topic: How to fix the iMessage/Facetime customer code error

25 October 2014 - 11:52 AM

So i've delt with many of these calls as a former applecare advisor.


Its important to say that you have an issue with your appleID, the way apple logs cases is either appleID is or a mac issue, if you say something in the lines of i have an issue with my appleID, it gives an custoemr code then you will not need a serial number, just a valid appleID (which you have ofcourse :) )



The reason that advisors are asking for serials or even screen sharing is because they do not know this issue and are unsure what to do with the customer code (not sure how many times i have explained to former colleages what to do with it)

In Topic: AirDrop/Continuity/Hands Off Fix How-to

25 October 2014 - 09:30 AM

I am interested in such a solution as well.

It looks like the adapter cards in both links do not have 3,3v voltage regulation circuit for bluetooth power supply during sleep.

It is needed to get power from the internal mainboard USB port which supplies 5v.


This one has the regulator IC and uses 4 wire connection to USB port:

苹果 802.11AC BCM94360CD 无线网卡 蓝牙4.0 黑苹果免驱 handoff


May be I am completely wrong, what are the experiences of the community?


The one i am using can wake from sleep with BT, it uses only a 2 wire usb connection

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