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In Topic: iMovie '08 - panasonic HDC-SD5 - quits on startup - AVCHD

09 November 2007 - 04:24 PM

That would make some sense; iDVD is the one application I cannot run on my Hack (JaS 10.4.8 upgraded to 10.4.9). It's supposedly crashing on startup (it wasn't even provided in the JaS install if memory serves). I didn't know it was related to EFI (bypass). Since we don't have it (EFI), it may never work on Hackintosh; it's too obscure an issue so it won't get kernel hacker time. I tried quicktime 7.3 as well to no avail.

Well, iDVD works fine without any issue on my Kalway 10.4.10. iMovie also works greatly most of the case. The only issue around iMove is the problem what we have been discussing here (crash upon importing AVCHD).

I have a panasonic cam, the HDC-SD5. Does Sony Vegas Pro work with any AVCHD SD fat32 formatted card? The format should be identical to that of the panasonic.

I read an article that said Sony Vegas Pro can deal with only Main profile H.264. Although Sony's AVCHD cam records videon with Main profile. However, both of Panasonic and CANON record video in High profile H.264. Therefore, Vegas can't handles AVCHD from these High profile AVCHD video cams.

In Topic: iMovie '08 - panasonic HDC-SD5 - quits on startup - AVCHD

07 November 2007 - 05:11 AM

Seems as though this is quite an issue.

@izo, this driver related issue you speak of, you think we could narrow it down? Perhaps find the root of the problem?

humm... I am suspecting that there may be something wrong with CPU name detection and/or sound card configuration. This is just my silly hunch.

AVCHD is supported only on Intel Mac. I saw error message when I tried to feed AVCHD to iMovie on my G5, saying something like "You must buy Intel Mac now..":-)

My machine shows "CPU Unknow" both on about this Mac and System profiler. I have not configured internal sound device. This thought is completely false, if there is someone who has the same issue on a machine on which CPU name is properly detected and internal sound is working properly though.

Yeah, we need experts...

In Topic: iMovie '08 - panasonic HDC-SD5 - quits on startup - AVCHD

01 November 2007 - 05:38 AM

I have the same issue with CANON HG10 AVCHD HDD video cam. My mobo is GA-G33M-DS2R.

JFYI: I found that "/usr/sbin/setregion" tool has the same error message ("getting a reference..."). It may relates to driver configuration (ah.. for DVD or any mutimedia devices or whatever). I can't get any futher, and is almost giving up.

I have the same happening when I plug my Sony HDR-SR1 into my Hackintosh and try to launch iMovie '08. iMovie starts up and then just exits and dissapears.

What I see in common is that we both have the Intel BADAXE2 mobo ??? :unsure:

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