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18 January 2009 - 07:26 PM

Talisman, i figured out the problem!

It's my processor that's defective! Someone sold me a defective processor about a month ago and it has been doing this ever since, I don't know why I didn't realize this earlier. Just figured leopard didn't like my new processor.

I tried installing vista and kept getting a blue screen error, and vista installed fine when I had my old processor.

In Topic: [Compilation] Dell XPS M1330, M1530, Vostro 1400, 1700, Inspiron 1420, 1520,...

17 January 2009 - 08:00 AM

I might have asked this before and you might have answered this before, but I forgot so Ill ask again.....

Do you have speedstep and dynamic acceleration enabled in the bios. What bios version do you have?? Do you get speed step in windows or in Linux (if you have it installed)??

I do have Speedstep and dynamic acceleration enabled in bios. I have Bios A12 (Updated from A08 before I reinstalled iaktos 5i).
I currently only have leopard installed. I just realized that I am still getting kernel panics after sleep.

I disabled dynamic acceleration and restarted - ran xbench and got cpu benchmark score of 167 - After sleep I ran xbench again and get cpu score of 80 , as soon as it runs the test I get a kernel panic.

I disabled dynamic acceleration and speedstep and restart - about this mac only recognizes 1.2 Ghz - Benchmark cpu score is 80

In Topic: [Compilation] Dell XPS M1330, M1530, Vostro 1400, 1700, Inspiron 1420, 1520,...

16 January 2009 - 07:12 PM

The modded acpi may be the source of all your woes. Most of Suphai's things work for non modded acpi. And I mean ACPI not AHCI.

What do you mean by VGA not working? All that works is extended mode (multiple monitors) and in the mirror mode only the external monitor works and the internal blacks out. If you are not getting even these then it is a problem

As far as I remember you are using 10.5.6. But your kernel version in 9.5.0 when it should be 9.6.0. I would suggest applying the 10.5.6 update again and getting the kernel version right as that can create problems. I had quite a few problems precisely because of a wrong kernel version. That should take care of the modded ACPI too.

You also don't seem to have Speedstep(If I remember correctly you said it did not work for you). Correct me if I am wrong.
Have you done a "pmset -a hibernatemode 0" ??
You will find it a few pages back on a wingrunr21's reply to donyeb's question


Thanks again. I Reinstalled the 10.5.6 update and I still had the same problems. So i just reformatted and reinstalled iaktos 5i using ideneb's guide and used the vanilla acpi.

I still can't get any speedstep to work, I get a kernel panic on boot everytime. I tried voodoopower, genericcpupowermanagement, and intelenhancedspeedstep, before and after I updated to 10.5.6.

I used your nvinject and have vga and hdmi out working now. So my only problem is speedstep and low benchmark after sleep.


My System: Dell M1530 - 10.5.6 - 9.6.0 kernel - Intel Core 2 duo (T9300)

In Topic: [Compilation] Dell XPS M1330, M1530, Vostro 1400, 1700, Inspiron 1420, 1520,...

11 January 2009 - 07:08 AM

Thanks for the help talisman, I do have a modded acpi. I attached the systllog.txt.

I also tried the nvinstaller .52, and used your NVCAP. I get QE/CI but I still can't get vga out working.

Thanks again.

Dell M1530 - 8600m gt - 10.5.6 - Intel Core 2 duo T9300

In Topic: [Compilation] Dell XPS M1330, M1530, Vostro 1400, 1700, Inspiron 1420, 1520,...

09 January 2009 - 08:58 AM

What speedstep are you using?? And have you updated to PC_EFI v9 ?

Do a "sysctl -a | grep freq" at the terminal before and after sleep and post the output.

And did you set hibernate mode to 0?

Hi Talisman,

I have tried genericcpupowermanagement, voodoopower, and XNU intelenhancedspeedstep, all give me kernel panic on boot.

I have updated to pc_EFI v9 and set hibernate mode to 0.

any other suggestions?

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