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In Topic: 10.12.1 gtx970 macpro 4,1 gpu glitches

23 January 2017 - 06:52 AM

Too hot & not enough power, unfortunately.  Quadro it is then...

In Topic: 10.12.1 gtx970 macpro 4,1 gpu glitches

23 January 2017 - 02:54 AM

Well I know my GTX460 works fine without nvidia drivers, and it was never an official Apple supported card.  I know several people using flashed 750Ti's as well, and to my knowledge there was never a Mac version (officially).  And yea, I know about editing the kext's plist entry for the OS build number, but I am a one man operation with 8 computers here, 3 of which are Apple (2 are Mac Pro's) and I'm starting to get to the point where reducing maintenance time is a major concern.  Appreciate your input =)

In Topic: 10.12.1 gtx970 macpro 4,1 gpu glitches

23 January 2017 - 01:54 AM

You might want to boot to an older OS installed to a temp or external drive (or to a Windows install) and run something like furmark to confirm that you haven't had RAM go bad on that card.  That's 100% what it looks like to me...


It's also possible that you're having issues with temp control on the RAM chips (and VRAM), which is another known issue on 980 series cards but in most cases it wasn't severe enough to be an issue.  This really depends on the Cooling design of the card you have, in the case of EVGA ACX2.0/3.0 cards there's NO vrm/ram cooling at all and it was a small issue in the 980 cards and mostly affected overclockers doing benchmarkes.  This issue became bad enough with the 10x0 series cards however that they finally had to acknowledge it, and it's been found on cards from other manufacturers but to date I think only EVGA publicly acknowledged it:





Now for my question, I've got a GTX960 4GB (short form factor) in my Mac Pro 3,1, and have been getting tired of waiting on nvidia web driver updates after OS installs so I was going to have it swapped for a card that is supported by the stock apple driver AND get one that is EFI flashed so I don't have to swap cards to perform hardware/disk maintenance.  I understand that the web drivers will still be needed to get PCIe 2.0 speeds, but having a card that works stock would be nice.  So a few questions for anyone here that's informed enough:


What's the highest nvidia card series that has support by the Apple drivers?  (750ti-780?)


Flashing a card to support EFI wouldn't enable the Apple drivers where they don't otherwise work, correct? (ie, my gtx960 will still need web drivers to work at desktop, I will only gain boot screen support with the EFI flash...?)


I'm considering moving to 10.12.x via editing the repository for the Apple store (the known fix) and already have the MacVidCards BT4.0/Wifi card upgrade which was the main reason for the 3,1 not getting 10.12 support.  So I'd like to get a card that avoids the 2-5 day wait for Nvidia every time Apple issues a security update.. Thanks!

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