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In Topic: Plans for a (possible) new OSx86 utility

15 October 2010 - 01:51 AM

Gringo and MaLd0n,

If possible I'll include direct AppleHDA patching as an option (for those who dont want to use DSDT). Thanks for the resources :)


Thanks :)


I listed SMBIOS editing as a planned feature in the main post


That looks great! I didn't know there was something like that. When I start making the app I'll PM you for API access

In Topic: Plans for a (possible) new OSx86 utility

13 October 2010 - 10:25 PM

sch8mid, Thanks :)


I've checked out that app and it appears to tell the user which hardware is compatible, and what kexts are used, but doesn't actually direct the user to a resource on where they can find the required files, which is what I aim to do. About the QuartzGL thing, it's probably not something that I'm going to be putting in the prefpane. It's not particularly relevant to OSx86, and its a tweak that can easily by applied through the Terminal.


There will be a string generator :) For it to auto add device IDs to kexts and stuff, that would mean it would have to have a repository of patches for each individual card, not sure how well that would work out :-/

As for sound, I think I can include the most common patches for sound in the DSDT patcher. And by "kext merge" I think you're talking about using Extensions.mkext, which will automatically be created by the prefpane when kexts are changed.

In Topic: Plans for a (possible) new OSx86 utility

13 October 2010 - 02:56 AM


Yep, I've seen that one. The DSDT patcher I'm planning will likely be a very simple one, just a few checkboxes/dropdowns to choose what you want to patch and a button to apply it :)

In Topic: Plans for a (possible) new OSx86 utility

13 October 2010 - 01:48 AM

IMO the idea as itself is good. There is no such ALL-IN-ONE tool for now. There are only separate tools scattered around like:

  • Lizard - Chameleon management
  • Various DSDT patching tools
  • Kexst install tools and so on...
I guess it would be wiser to unite (if it is possible at all) those separate projects under one Global pref.pan. I think it is not efficient time-wise to write such an application/pref.pan, as you suggest from the ground. Just because IMHO much of it's components area already created (though not all off them work equally good).

It wouldn't be all that time consuming to write one, much of the code needed is already in OSx86 Tools, all I need to do is convert it to Objective-C code.

I don't think the idea with drivers is much appropriate for the current state of things (IMHO), cos' in some cases with certain hardware drivers may not work as they should. Therefore installing such drivers via automated/semi-automated manner can do more harm then good. Also some drivers require fine tuning from the user side to work properly.

Though if a user is just given an information where a certain driver can be downloaded (it is him to decided which and where), it might work more or less well. Possible it could be done just like it is done in Linux - adding repositories for certain hardware types.

That's what I was planning, there is no downloading involved, it just directs the user to the resource at which the driver may be found. That way they won't miss out on instructions, details, etc. that may go along with the driver.

In Topic: Plans for a (possible) new OSx86 utility

13 October 2010 - 12:27 AM

* If you build a dsdt patcher so please document what the fixes are doing, that is the most missing feature for me in existing patchers.

* Maybe a list what fixes are already done in dsdt.dsl

*support for EFI-Partition

* Build mkext

my suggestions so far :)

The fixes will definitely be documented. It may be difficult to detect the fixes that have already been applied, simply because it can be patched in many ways. I could give a very general idea of whats patched (e.g. HDEF, AZAL, etc.) but its hard to get much more specific than that. If by support for "EFI-partition" you mean installing kexts, etc. to an EFI partition I think I can do that. And of course it will automatically build the mkext when kexts are changed :)
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