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In Topic: Pandora's Box (Beta 2 Testing)

08 July 2013 - 06:46 PM

Hi guys, 


I have tried various methods and procedures to get Mountain Lion installed on my HP Elitebook 2570p (integrated HD4000) graphics...  (note this is a laptop not a desktop...it has an LCD screen, a VGA port and a Display port)


Each time I have come across the issue that if I do not boot with the flag GraphicsEnabler=No,  Then the laptop screen will go blank (black) after the initial Apple logo screen (with spinning wheel)..  I have spent literally hours, trying to get the internal display to work to absolutely no avail (string injection, Chamelon etc etc)   


When I do boot with GraphicsEnabler = No.... The system loads but its stuck at the 1024 x 768 resolution with no option to change it.


I see that Pandoras box 2 changlog indicates that it sets boot kernel flags for HD3000 /4000 graphics.  Does this mean it should automatically detect my HD4000 and make the internal display work without all the drama I have experienced previously ?  Or will i still need to edit plists etc etc?


Whilst we are on the topic...when the screen goes black I find that I have no way of rebooting the system without physically holding down the power button and chopping the power. Does anyone know of a friendlier way to reboot the system whilst it is in this state as im concerned I am gradually damaging my components shutting down this way (I must have done it about 500 times now whilst trying to get the internal HD4000 be detected).

In Topic: Hp elitebook 2570p w/ Mountain Lion

08 July 2013 - 04:32 PM

If you have access to a mac then try creating a usb installer tool using apps like myhack and do an install....from your specs you should have almost everything workng except for your wifi if the system has a centrino or AR9485

Thanks mate, 


I got mountain lion installed however I can only boot up with GraphicsEnabler=No .  If I leave this flag off, i get the white apple screen with the spinning wheel and then the screen goes completely black.  


I have tried many methods to get this working including injection etc to no avail.  Has anyone managed to get this working at all? 

In Topic: Intel HD4000, Haswell and Broadwell Inject AAPL,ig-platform-id

08 July 2013 - 04:24 PM

Hi guys, 


I have a HP Elitebook 2570p (2013 version) 

Core i7 3520M

Integrated HD 4000 graphics 



I have tried many many methods without any success.  (more than likely user error on my part but hey ;) )....   I tried the above method and changed the value to all of the mobile definitions as it is a laptop but I still get the black screen.  (I guess this is due to me having other stuff installed over the top which would be conflicting with it)   I am going to do a fresh mountain lion install now with nothing else installed.


I have a windows partition installed on the disk.  Is there anything I can do in windows that will help me determine the correct AAPL, ig-platform-id which I need?  


Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.


Many thanks in advance.

In Topic: Can't get Intel HD4000 to work

18 June 2013 - 03:45 PM

Hi guys, 


I used un1b3ast  to boot/install from USB...on my Elitebook 2570p  (same internal hardware as 8570p - HD4000 graphics)


I had to use the GraphicsEnabler=No -f switch to get to the installer screen (as otherwise the screen just goes black)

I went through the install process... the machine rebooted...with the USB stick still installed ..I was then presented with an option to select my USB stick or the new Mountain Lion install ... I selected the Mountain Lion install (with no flags) and got a black screen again......  Rebooted, tried the mountain lion install with the safe mode flag and was able to get to the desktop of the Mac....(albeit in safe mode)...


Did you guys experience similar issues ?  I assume I need to install something once I am on the desktop (via multi1b3ast or similar) to enable booting without having to enter flags each time?  


Can anyone please advise accordingly as I am pretty stuck at the moment.  If I have to enter commands each time I restart I guess ill have to switch back to winbl0wz :)  Any help would be much appreciated. 

In Topic: Can't get Intel HD4000 to work

18 June 2013 - 11:00 AM

Will not work for me, because it doesn't enable duallink


Hi Tikifg or macee


did you ever get wifi working at all??



I did not follow a specific guide because the folks in this forum helped me by pointing to some source and I did the reading. For #####, that website has a tutorial on how to use it. regarding mountain lion,  I purchased the image. 

Thanks for the response mate.  Are you running 10.8.4?

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