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In Topic: Stuck on Windows7

28 August 2011 - 02:28 AM

Sorry for reopening this thread. I just wanted to thank so so much to Mr TheGreatDeceive for pointing out this fantastic solution.
Thanks a trillion man! I decided to give hackintosh a try but wrongly installed Snow Leopard prior to Windows 7.
With your solution I managed to get OSX back along with Windows 7 side by side.

wow, didn't know this is still necessary. I thought Chameleon will take care of all this. Isn't there a windows installation for Chameleon? e.g. here. there are likely newer versions, didn't look hard enough.
good to see it works

In Topic: 10.7 "Lion" in VMware Workstation in Windows 7

29 July 2011 - 01:11 AM

In "System Preferences"/Mouse, on top there's a setting "Move content in the direction...". Invert that.

doh, apple trying to redefine the world of mice again ;) thanks.

btw. I have a small bug with autofit. if I resize vmware the guest autofits fine. But as soon as I click anywhere on the guest desktop I see a white band appear right under the Apple menu bar. If I move any window over it or open a menu item it doesn't come back in that same area.

Posted Image

is that expected?

also, when I scroll in any program (finder, firefox ...) there is a vertical line from top to bottom about 2/3rd from the left where the image breaks for a split second with one side about ~20 pixels behind. It is pronounced on pages with contrast. Checked other areas but it's the same position

In Topic: 10.7 "Lion" in VMware Workstation in Windows 7

26 July 2011 - 03:57 AM

I built an interim version of VMsvga2 for Lion. It's versioned as v1.2.4fc1. Should work the same as v1.2.3 for Snow.

Hi Zenith, got Lion working now and tried your drivers. The audio driver installs but I never see any devices.
The svga driver installs fine as well with a number of different resolutions that weren't there before installation. but here I can't get the autofit to work (installed guestd_patches.pkg as well) no matter where I change it (edit-preferences-display)
I must be missing something obvious. Any hints appreciated.

edit1: problem solved. I had an old version of vmware tools installed. After I installed the latest from darwin313.iso and reinstalled the drivers everything started working as advertised.

thank you!!!

btw. I noticed that my Logitech mouse scroll wheel is backwards in browsers (safari). It's ok but odd. anybody else noticed this?

edit2:just tried something interesting. Used migration assistant on Lion and SL, both open in vmware (bridged network) and they actually see each other. Problem is that the lion migration assistant is complaining that the SL needs to be updated. Downloaded the updated migration assistant but it will only install on 10.6.8. Hope I don't break my 10.6.7 SL going to .8. will see and try again. would be cool if that allows me to transfer programs, docs and settings...

edit:3 wow, maybe this is an old hat, certainly not for me. I am able to transfer between SL and Lion under vmware.
Posted Image

In Topic: VMware Mac OS X Guest Package for ESX, Workstation, Player, Server and Fusion

23 March 2011 - 12:51 AM

Just a quick heads up, 10.6.7 was released today, the combo update appears to work fine with OS X under VMware Workstation 7.1.3 and Player 3.1.3 with either Donk's darwin.iso method or Albert's unlocker.

thanks for the Info!!

In Topic: How to Install Retail OS X 10.6 "Snow" under VMware Workstation 7 or...

29 January 2011 - 01:19 AM

Links to the relevant topics in the InsanelyMac forum:

Regards MSoK.
(I will try to keep this post updated, with any relevant contributions gratefully received)

hey MSoK, great idea. maybe for some the different darwin.isos are confusing. e.g what is different between darwin.iso from Fusion 3.1.2 and donk's. might be helpful to add a short explanation/description for each.

thank you!
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