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#2225036 Should I come back to this forum?

Posted by Metrogirl on 19 March 2016 - 07:15 PM

Hey everybody!Many of the old timers here might remember me ... I was in at the start of OSX86Project.org and was a global moderator for several years. Sometime after Mash sold the site I was involved in a lot of 'real' work which meant travelling around the world and I couldn't check in very much;  rather disappointingly when I was back home again I discovered that I had been demoted to a regular user and then 'retired'. Well, I had a lot of friends here and I guess I miss you guys. I still spend a lot of time with OSX and doing rather unusual things with PCs (keep your thoughts clean, please) and I think that perhaps I still have something to offer the community. Not sure I'll return to the heady days of checking every morning for new posts but I believe I can make a contribution. But before I launch headlong into resuming my love affair with this site, I thought I'd canvass some opinion. Does anyone out there actually remember me? Would anyone be hap...

#71424 The funniest collection of funny headlines

Posted by Metrogirl on 08 March 2006 - 03:58 PM

Thanks, Jaroneko! There's a lot of good stuff there! When I lived in Chicago I had an apartment on the second floor. A good friend, concerned for my welfare, gave me an 'escape ladder', a sort of metal rope ladder which you were supposed to hook onto the window ledge and drop outside so you could climb out in case of fire. It came in a large box and I put it under the bed unopened. Fortunately I never needed to use it. When I moved house I came across the box during unpacking and I decided to open it to see what the ladder was like. Inside were two chains, a collection of steel rungs, a pack of screws and a leaflet entitled "How to assemble your safety escape ladder". OMG. :blink: Like I said, fortunately I never needed to use it...

#47103 Americans

Posted by Metrogirl on 23 January 2006 - 06:50 PM

I just had to add this from an email someone sent today - What it means to be British. You leave your office which is owned by an American company. You drive home in your German car filled with Kuwaiti fuel You stop for a pint of Belgian beer in an Irish pub, then pick up an Indian meal to take home. You check your email on a Chinese computer and download a Russian program from a site in Poland You sit on your Italian sofa and watch Spanish football on your Japanese TV while eating Israeli oranges. You put on your French pyjamas and slip into your Egyptian cotton sheets to dream about - how great it is to be British!

#45671 I crashed an iMac Intel @ the local Compusa

Posted by Metrogirl on 21 January 2006 - 02:05 AM

Great! I can't wait to pop along to my local store and try it! A whole display full of crashed Macs should be really fun! If you guys don't see me on here tomorrow, you'll know I got arrested... Anyone willing to stand me bail? :D
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