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[Guide] Lion GM on Gigabyte 965P-DS4 (rev. 3.3)

08 July 2011 - 07:43 AM

Target OS: Lion GM / maybe Final
Last updated: 10th of Juli 2011

Hey there,

I thought I'd put together some info for other users of my good old board that are searching the forums for help.

  • Install Lion using Maldons method with some USB stick
  • Attached you'll find the contents of my /Extra folder, including a working DSDT.aml (auto generated + required changes to get onboard LAN working!) and some required kexts.
  • Also attached you'll find a replacement for AppleHDA.kext which enabled ALC888 sound. Install this next to /S/L/E!
  • Please remember to edit com.apple.Boot.plist before using it, I defined some stuff like defaultPartition etc in it which most certainly will be different in your setup. Just remove the stuff you're not sure about, most settings are optional anyways.
  • Cross fingers, good luck!

Obviously all I did was to put together the required kexts, so all credit goes to the specific developers of other guides I used and those who did the number-crunching for the kexts. Thanks to the community!


Edited the above howto to reflect the changes to the ethernet part, updated Extra.zip with a new DSDT and a working kext for onboard LAN. Thanks to vmaraccini and Makimba! This should now help users with the same mainboard to get Lion up & running in less than 30 minutes :)

Strange system halt behavior

08 July 2011 - 06:47 AM

Hey there,

my Lion GM installation behaves very strangely. Some kext's I install which either work flawlessly for other users here in the forum or worked perfect with 10.6.8, for instance for my network, stop Lion from booting. Instead of a KP, which would be expected, I only get to the fsck check and then the system simply stops booting. However, this does not happen with every kext but only with some, for instance I managed to replace two GPU kexts with the ones from netkas or make my ALC888 chipset work by replacing one kext with some binpatched version from 10.6.8, but whatever network kext I install, be it into /E/E or /S/L/E, stops the system. I have no idea at all how to debug this issue.

I installed Lion GM using a USB stick (melkorts method). Details about my configuration can be viewed in my signature. I am using my 10.6.8 DSDT.aml which was properly created using the DSDT-creator and worked for 10.6.8 without issues. As a bootloader, Chameleon RC5 rev. 1000+ is used.

Does anyone have an idea what I might be making wrong here?

P.S.: I use Kext Wizard to install new kexts, repair permissions with Kext Wizard & Disk Utility and in case a a halt remove the new/modified kext using my USB dongle install > Terminal.

P.P.S.: What works is to use the USB-Ethernet dongle from my Macbook Air as a temporary solution. Finally: online!

Marvel Yukon 2 kext for Lion

06 July 2011 - 08:58 PM

Hey there,

until I started trying to make Lion GM work on my GA-P965-DS4 I used the attached kext (do NOT use with Lion, will not boot!) to make my ethernet work. I placed this kext in /E/E. However, with the Lion GM this does no longer work, does anyone know a replacement? I'd be very grateful for any hint! My board uses the Marvell 8056 chipset for gigabit LAN.

Thanks in advance!

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