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[Build Log] Shifty G5/mATX Conversion

16 February 2013 - 07:21 PM

That's right, it's yet another mod noob (me) trying his hand at turning the beautifully crafted G5 case into a mATX Frankenstein/Gaming machine. The awesome projects that I have seen here (and at G5 Modders) have made me think that I actually have a shot at making this mod come out not-to-horribly.

The Plan:
1) Install Laserhive rear I/O plate
2) Add Laserhive motherboard tray.
3) Build fan brackets for the front of the case. Bought Laserhive front fan bracket.
4) Install 92mm fans on Laserhive rear I/O plate.
5) Install front panel board
6) Install wiring adapter made by BlackCH
7) Install modular PSU
8) Fabricate female to male extension cable from PSU to existing rear port on case.
9) Install hdd tray behind fabricated fan bracket (Might reinstall HDD bay in stock location). New solution needed.
10) Run power cables from PSU to required areas

Parts to buy:
Intel i5 3750k (Thanks, Mr. D.!)
CPU Fan/cooler
Radeon HD 7870 (Original plan was for GTX 560 TI)
Corsair CX600M PSU (would a 550watt be sufficient?)
ASRock Z77M Motherboard
Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gig (2 x 4gig) ram
2 x 92mm Arctic F9 Case Fans
2 x 120mm Arctic F12 Case Fan

I already own quite a few WD Black 1TB SATA HDDs, so I am not going to purchase new ones. If you have suggestions for parts, then by all means make them. I am really close to my budget for parts ($800USD), but if you see something better at around the same price, please share. :)

Here's my case, it's got a few minor scratches, but it's a beauty from 2ft away. :)

Posted Image

Also, here's some pictures of the disassembly process.

Posted Image

One other thing, I haven't seen this slot (the one under the lock lever) on any of the other cases.

Posted Image

I think the I/O Backplate will cover it, but I may have to do some metal massaging. Anyhow, I am now waiting for parts, but I want to thank all of the people who have done this before for so generously documenting the steps that they took and how to avoid some issues as well.

Hopefully I'll have some updates soon!
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