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[VBOX]How to get Snow Leopard working!

10 January 2014 - 05:08 PM

Hey guys,

As with most things for us as AMD guys , it is very hard to get a virtualbox working with osx.
However I did manage to get a working virtualbox installation some time ago, with this bootcd:

http://www.filedropper.com/empireefi <-- EmpireEFI FOR AMD :D

So what you are going to do : Download this EmpireEFI , Virtualbox and iATKOS S3.

For some reason this EmpireEFI is compressed into an self extracting archive, just run it and it will ask you where to extract.
NOTE: My norton says it is infected, however my Mcafee , Nod32 and AVG don't report anything suspicious.


So you will boot the bootcd, swap the iso with iatkos iso and press f5.
now select the iAtkos disc , type -v and boot it! no extra commands needed :D

after installation, you will always have to boot the HDD through EmpireEFI.

Hope this helps!


[GUIDE] Make a usb bootloader for FX cpu's !

20 March 2013 - 11:23 AM

Hello all!

As all dev's did awesome work creating kernels, it would be nice to actually boot them.
This wasn't a problem on most CPU's but the newer Bulldozer and Piledriver cpus had an instant reboot problem.

So What is this thread all about?
A while ago, member gills83 said that he was able to boot Andy's kernel on his FX cpu.
Clover EFI rL1050 was the solution!
But it seems that installing clover might be quite hard to do! In fact it isn't at all, but you'll need to do some more then just running the .pkg ;)

What do you need?
- a FX processor (or another one)
- a SMALL USB device! as this is your bootloader it will need to always be inserted into your pc!
something like this will do the job :)
- a working mac or hackintosh or virtualbox.
- This clover

Lets start!
Boot up your mac/hackintosh/virtualbox and plug in the usb device.
Open applications>utilities>disk utility and format your usb like this:

Posted Image

When formatting is done, open applications>utilities>terminal
Then type in : diskutil list
Posted Image

find your usb in the list, and write down the name of the partition somewhere.

Then type :
diskutil unmount /dev/r(diskname) so if your fat partition is disk2s1, type diskutil unmount /dev/rdisk2s1

when unmouting is succesfull type :
newfs_msdos -v Fat32 -F 32 /dev/r(diskname)

Now it is time to remount our usb device by simply using:
diskutil mount /dev/r(diskname)

The easy part:
now it is just a matter of installing clover using this settings:

Posted Image

Be sure to install it to your usb drive though!

Its done :D
So now boot the usb device and tweak clover till it is perfect for you.
I always have the usb drive inserted and set it as first to boot in my bios.
So i actually have a very simple dual boot system.

Have fun!


30 January 2013 - 12:54 PM

Hello guys,

I thought that my HD6770 would work fine on lion when the correct kext where installed.
But it doesn't. When booting with GE=Yes, is stuck at some apple.core.services.authentication time out. (or something like that.)
After reading a lot on the internet, if i want my card to work with lion, i need to flash it to an HD5770.
Which is risky, and since i use it in windows for gaming, i dont want to downgrade my card.
Ive also added the device ID of my card to the info.plist from the needed kexts, but no difference.

Then i found this post:


there's a way to have HD 6770 recognized on Lion but not without sweating !
you need to compil chameleon ( i let you search ) with this file : branches/Chimera/i386/libsaio/ati.c - Chameleon Svn Source Tree - Chameleon open source boot loader project.
Up to you !


I would love to do this, but how?! can anybody explain this?
Or maybe even do this for me?

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