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In Topic: Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

Yesterday, 07:11 AM

What does bdmesg tells you?

For me the kextpatcher works (AppleRTC, ...)



Will patch for 15.6.0 kernel version compatible.


KernelBooter_kexts state:  enabled!

KernelPm           state: disabled!

KernelLapicError   state: disabled!

KernelLapicVersion state: disabled!

KernelHaswell      state: disabled!

KernelcpuFamily    state: disabled!

KernelSSE3         state: disabled!

- Searching for booter extensions pattern:

Found El Capitan SIP pattern: patched!

Found EL Capitan EXT pattern: patched!

2 substitution(s) made.

Kernel patcher: end!



Patching IOAHCIBlockStorage (trim enabler SATA): 1 substitutions made!

Patching AppleRTC: 1 substitutions made!

Patching AppleAHCIPort (orange icon fix): 3 substitutions made!

Kexts patcher: end!

In Topic: Sierra GTX 960 4GO + NvidiaWebdriver install low FPS

27 May 2017 - 07:20 AM

We should first check whats exact the problem!

And about what "low FPS" we talk using that high res iiyama 2160P (3840x2160).

First test should be if the web driver is really used /loaded. (nvidia web driver listet in the kextstat terminal command output OR tool webdriver check :   




If its loaded ( i think, otherwise no game would run and even scrolling / window handling in oS X is very laggy) an OpenGL bench would help to compare

result with others with same / similar gpu.

The bench should run (for all testers) in same res!!! - because the FPS depend extreme on the res of the monitor - 2K vs 4K+ res on same gpu >> 50% FPS difference.

Even it is an Metal Bench - it gives good first sign if drivers work or not and how fast. 

Attached File  NBody_Metal_Bench_V11.zip   3.39MB   1 downloads

We already collected FPS results for that bench :

GTX 950  @ 40960 bodies : 43 FPS

GTX 970 @ 40960 bodies :  above 60 FPS

GTX 970 57344 bodies :  41 FPS  (to switch to 57344 bodies press + key (@ num keyboard)

my GT 740 @ 40960 bodies : 8 FPS :) 

If your driver / gpu GTX 960  works you should get at least 40 FPS @ 40960 bodies and >= 30 FPS  57344 bodies.

If something wrong (GPU clock stays idle = low gpu clock! - even under gpu load = low OpenGL/Metal/ OpenCL) FPS you will see that. Doenst matter its Metal.


Good ( small DL + and comparable) is OPENGL GPU Test (FurMark, Tess,...)



DL: Attached File  GpuTest_OSX_x64_0.7.0.zip   1.8MB   1 downloads

Start after unzipping the GpuTest_GUI programm. Select 1680x1050 res (for comparable results), Run bench - bench runs around 1 Minute and then show the result.


Running windowed 1680x1050 ( thats because comparable = same res as other testers) my GT 740 is getting 12 FPS.

Attached File  Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-27 um 09.52.56.jpg   84.37KB   0 downloads


Your GTX 960 should run at this res > 25 FPS i think until we have some results from GTX 9xxx users.

If you run that fullscreen and not windowed @1680x1050  res, you see that the  FPS compared to your  windowed 1680x1050 FPS will be much, much lower.

In Topic: VoodooHDA 2.9.0

01 May 2017 - 08:22 AM

Yep, pehaps something else happens (DSDT.aml with USB fixes not loaded, other non VoodooHDA related USB fix things happen)

In Topic: GeForce GT 710

16 April 2017 - 10:41 AM

Yep, the gpu type is good (until having Pascal GTX 1050 working)!!

If you buy new, i would check price difference to GT 740 - if it is very less (used, new) i would recommend to buy GT 740.

Even for non gamers the OpenCL and  Metal (used as GUI Api 10.11+) is faster than GT 710/720.

VRAM size doesn't matter for this low end cards :) faster but less VRAM is  mostly better than more but slower VRAM!

In Topic: VoodooHDA 2.9.0

12 April 2017 - 06:45 AM

I want to say : THANKS!
Installed V 2.88 on my Laptap Medion 6612 (C2D, ALC 263, Yosemite) and worked. NO reboot required, i heared an "krrrk" on the end of the installation and audio was working :)

Installing V 2.8.9 kext would be usefull or "never touch an working system"? :)

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