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In Topic: [GUIDE]AMD ATHLON X2 x6 with Mavericks (10.9.1)

14 July 2015 - 07:39 AM

ACK! Three failures for Yosemite, cant guarantee support in Mavericks. Its geting hard to find images that work. I have a CrosshairV in one system, use a Samsung w AMD APU in another (laptop) and the third is an Acer POS AMD APU from WalMart. Video cards vary. The tower has 2xHD7850 Radeons. I either get the following:

1) stuck at boot spinner loading text and zero boot loaded(Tower)

2) graphical boot options but kernel reboots on load (laptop with external HDD written to, then inserted as master HD) --no option to specify settings, must use preselected options


3) bootloader works in text mode but kernel reboots on load

I cant get around the kernel reboots.Ive tried every option I can think of. (GraphicsEnabler=No UseKernelCache=No PciRoot=1 -v -f -x) This issue has persisted since the initial so called AMD releases from Leopard/Snow Leopard.

Ive only gotten the Intel builds to work in the past.(GNT945 mobo and 3+Ghz CPU)

Id like to figure out where the kernel loading issue is coming from.


What makes this more complex is the laptop wont boot USB devices and the Tower doesnt like UEFI partitions on hard drives.ASUS wont fix the UEFI issue.

In Topic: [GUIDE]AMD ATHLON X2 x6 with Mavericks (10.9.1)

13 July 2015 - 02:32 PM

Redit says this is for the 990fx series like the crosshairV....an excellent board if not for the UEFI Linux boot problems it presents. (You go ahead and TRY Debian or Fedora, you...)So has anyone done it with the 990fx? This tut wasnt written with one. It would be nice for screaming systems like mine(9590) to bring OSX to the table with 10.9.Glad someone finally got around to an updated tut, AMD has been lacking one since people decided to boot vanilla installer discs on Intel hardware. I have one issue though....cant you make the usb image into a DL DVD?It would be great if someone could repack an ISO image.Weve needed one for years.Sort of has a chicken and egg problem otherwise.Suppose you could make a HFS on a USB stick via Linux though....might need to franken copy the rest of the files over that the installer uses to prep the USB stick...I love my hackintosh and the early AMD ISOs showed promise but boards have changed much since.AMD no longer uses ICH controllers.

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