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'Hibernate image too old' + 'Sudo: must be setuid root'

27 February 2013 - 04:37 PM

I had asked this question in the 'Lenovo B570' Guide thread under the notebook forums. But considering the last activity was in january, I decided to start a thread here.

Notebook is a Lenovo B570e with a i3-2350m processor & 2 GB ram. Used macinsane's guide. Currently stuck with a 'Hibernate image too old' message on OS X boot. Here's some background into how I went about installing OS X Lion.

I had already installed Windows 7. I wanted to dual boot with Lion, from two partitions on the same hard drive. There were 4 existing partitions. 1 - Windows 7. 2 & 3 - Data. 4- System Reserved. I formatted one of the data partitions, to Mac OS X Extended Journaled, with MBR Partition Table. Using disk utility as explained in the guide.

Restored the iAtkos L1 Lion dmg file, to an 8 GB USB flash drive, using a friend's Macbook Pro. I tried to follow the guide to a tee, including the smbios.plist & kext file. I had to shuttle back & forth between macinsane's guide, micred's Mountain Lion guide and rockinron's All-in-one guide to Vanilla Mountain Lion guide, for some bits. This was because I couldn't figure out the 'ShowAllFiles' part. Nor, the 'restoring' part. Since I've never used a Mac. Next, I installed Chameleon bootloader to the flash drive with GraphicsEnabler on.

Booted with the flash drive. Checked the AHCI Sata option. RealtekRTL81xx.kext. PS/2 kexts. FakeSMC and disablers. Installed Lion to the Mac OS Journaled partition. On first boot, the GUI loaded straight away. Didn't have to copy the smbios.plist file again. Plugged in the USB keyboard. Rebooted to read up on the post-install part.

Windows wouldn't boot. Stuck on the blinking cursor. I reformatted & installed Windows 7 again. Now, the boot to OS X option wouldn't appear. So I added an entry in EasyBCD for an 'EFI' Mac OSX. This time, I selected OS X, but after a few screens, it gave out the 'Hibernate image too old by {censored} seconds. Use Forcewake = y?' message & rebooted the computer.

I booted to iAtkos through the flash drive & typed "$ sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0" and "$ sudo nvram "use-nvramrc?"=false" in terminal. It gave out a 'sudo: must be setuid root' message. Repaired the permissions on the OS X partition with disk utility. It still gave the same error. Booted to OS X through the iAtkos drive & added the lines "<key>Wake</key>" & "<string>no</string>" to the org.chameleon.Boot.plist file in the Extra folder & saved it. I forgot to copy it to the desktop. Wen't back & copied & it still gave the same error.

Basically, I can only boot into OS X through the iAtkos USB flash drive. I'd really like some direction here. Should I go about trying to fix the 'Hibernate image too old' problem. Or just reinstall Windows 7 & OS X and using Gparted to create partitions?
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