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In Topic: Clover General discussion

27 October 2017 - 08:30 AM

I was just warning you about getting angry when you are frustrated and mentioning someone who I know won't be helping since he has long left actively contributing to the community. You'll get more help if you put your frustration aside and try to give as much information as possible, even if it seems mundane or unrelated.



I have an idea what might be going on but I need more information, I would like to see screen shots of the error when it happens. I would like config.plist, boot.log, maybe ioreg and some DSDT/SSDT dumps. You can probably dump all that in one go with DarwinDumper (just select everything). Is the problem only related to USB devices in some way?


EDIT: If you can dump your DSDT/SSDTs from clover too so they are the unpatched versions.



I just don't think any one understands what you are describing and you aren't really changing the description or giving any different information so it's hard to tell what you are talking about. It's all good.  B)


i made Darwin do a dump over here http://www.insanelym...sion/?p=2522249


i think everything but the screenshots are in that darwin's dump =0) please correct me if i'm wrong.


the error happens instantly in memtest/rember displaying that text


all the other occurences are hard to screenshot, like finder getting stuck, resolve render output getting corrupted, or prefence files getting messed up up to the point of the system becoming unbootable (the reason i started testing initially)


i can only reproduce this problem by having usb drive devices attached. so i believe that yes, only usb related


dumping the original acpi tables is going to take some time, i am away from the machine now. i can, however, try to get a darwin dump with the original acpi tables from a similar setup, if my Darwin's dump is of no help without the original unpatched tables. I don't use a custom, only the patches that are in the plist an i believe that clover drops most of the secondary

In Topic: Clover General discussion

26 October 2017 - 10:10 PM



Can you please give some screen shots or something? It's hard to understand what you mean from just your description, but I'll try.... What EFI drivers are you using? Are you injecting kexts? What else are you doing? The problem with X99 systems does not appear to be related to this at all unless you have drastically over complicated what you mean. The X99 problem is a boot time error where not enough contiguous free space can be allocated to place the entirety of the kernel - this is still in protected mode, not virtual so there is no address translation yet. Your error, if I understand correctly, is happening after boot services and during the kernel's runtime and appears to be a virtual address translation error. There are plenty of reasons why this could happen, moving stuff in memory after it's address has been translated, improperly translating an address, or just not translating the address at all. Need much more information, probably deeper debugging, which is hard if no developer has the issue or cannot reproduce it...


EDIT: I've never even seen you say anything about this before, so there's no need to get mad. Everyone is trying to help but remember that every one here is doing this in their free time as a hobby. We don't all have lots of time to do everything, the more users a problem affects the higher priority it will have. As far as dmazar, I don't know what you mean but he's a great guy and a friend, you may find yourself not getting help at all by insulting developers who, if not for them, you would still be complaining it didn't work but for another reason. And the reason that there is no different aptiofix is because no one has created a better idea than that collaboration from projectosx, and the slight modification for aptiofix2. By all means please develop another method.

umh... where did i insult any developer? i only said i was frustrated from diagnosing this. i mean i wasted a week before coming to the conclusion that it is not me being an idiot or the hardware being faulty. thus the frustration. the possibility of me being an idiot remains though.


concerning dmazar. he might be a great guy, i just remember him saying that this is heavy work that he won't spend any more time when the x99 problem happened. and i've remembered this only to save someone's time pointing me at his direction. this in no way contradicts that he's a great guy and someone's good friend =0)


anyway, back to the problem. screenshots of rember are in no way more informative than the text copied.


i will spill my understanding of the problem, forgive me if it's too lame/nooblike/utterly silly


the EFI (?) reserves and uses some physical memory addresses for hardware operation after the kernel is loaded, particularly usb storage devices (they are a certain condition for reproducing on x299 hardware), that the system considers available, hence writing to these addresses (virtual or not - no idea) is NOT successful, but the system has no idea. which means that when reading from these addresses - the system/software/memtest reads incorrect data, which can lead to practically anything. memtest is only different in the way that it knows what data must be returned after the inquiry.




there is no way i can better describe the problem than the text above and in the previous posts.


not that i expect you to diagnose this without such hardware, and i can live with legacy booting. (the only practical downside is sata hotplug not working in case of no harddrive attached to the hotplug port before boot)


i am still rather grateful to be mentioned by someone like apianti and fritz (very little sarcasm here and it's in good spirit =0)


this is more a cryout and a warning for future users of x299 platforms/a challenge for hackintosh (can a new term be made?) developers

In Topic: Clover General discussion

26 October 2017 - 08:42 AM

I'm currently without home internet connection (might be up tomorrow, currently on my phone), will check asap. Where is that msg shown?

this is from memtest, it's an example of the actually occupied address during the time that darwin dump was made


but the problem affects all the system

In Topic: Clover General discussion

25 October 2017 - 11:50 AM

@rotoyouoio Sorry, can't quite follow what you are talking about... Usually people speak of 'memory allocation errors' in regards to early boot, where boot.efi might not get the memory it wants. If you meant that, how can you boot into the OS? And if it's not that, how is it related to Clover and how did you conclude it was an alloc and not a mapping or MMIO error?

EDIT: Somehow skipped the last paragraph. What you are facing is NOT a memory alloc error, because otherwise the kernel would not end up in mem. It might be a mapping error somehow caused by Aptio or even AptioFix. Dump a memmap and find out which address is faulty in that very boot cycle, its type may be relevant.


to continue
address after running darwindumper:
FAILURE! Data mismatch at local address 0x0000000ecbaf5d30


Actual Data: 0x0000000e88498849
does darwindumper do the dump you requested?

In Topic: Clover General discussion

25 October 2017 - 11:13 AM

Could someone help me on the issue, please?

LastBootedVolume only works with a functional nvram. you don't have any, since you require emuvariable

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