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Voodoohda audio starts fine but then falls apart

29 March 2013 - 12:18 PM

Hi guys been beating my head against the wall on this thing :wallbash: literally... I worked on patching applehda for my codec alc26vc for weeks on and nothing to show for. The only kext that actually wakes this chip up is the latest voodoohda 2.8.2. Everything works with this kext but here is the problem that I cannot solve.

Audio starts out perfect, while watching any video from speakers to headset but then after a few minutes you start to hear static. Static increases until sound is distorted, and finally cant hear anything. What fixes it temporarily is changing frequency in midi, but starts again after a few minutes. Does anyone have any idea what I should change or look for? I have tried a bunch of things like node patch, entering device id...I cannot fix the problem. Searching for a resolution hasn't helped. Open to any ideas or suggestion. Only sound remaining to fix.

thanks for any help

could u also some tell me the correct device id and vendor I should use? voodoo dump says one thing, DPCImanager says another, along with system info

Probing codec #0...
HDA Codec #0: Realtek ALC269
HDA Codec ID: 0x10ec0269
	 Vendor: 0x10ec
	 Device: 0x0269
	 Revision: 0x02
	 Stepping: 0x02
PCI Subvendor: 0xfb421179
startNode=1 endNode=2
Found audio FG nid=1 startNode=2 endNode=36 total=34

Probing codec #3...
HDA Codec #3: Intel (Unknown)
HDA Codec ID: 0x80862806
	 Vendor: 0x8086
	 Device: 0x2806
	 Revision: 0x00
	 Stepping: 0x00
PCI Subvendor: 0xfb421179
startNode=1 endNode=2
Found audio FG nid=1 startNode=2 endNode=9 total=7

Need help in dsdt patching

25 February 2013 - 02:19 AM

Hi. I have a toshiba c875 17" laptop that I would like to get 100% working. What Im hoping to get fixed through patching is sleep, audio, and sleep when lid closed. Last not so much a big deal.... I tried sleep enabler kexts but all wake right after sleep. I tried all audio kexts and none work except the latest voodooHDA v2.8. However microphone and audio switch to headphones don't work. I've deleted kexts that don't fully work.
I also tried to do some patching myself, but get more errors. I'm a noob, and probably not doing it right, or fix errors afterwards.
The function keys work except brightness ones. Oh when using sleepenabler and re-awaking brightness goes to probably max.
audio is realtek alc269

How can I upload the dstd.dsl it wont let me, says I'm not permitted

Thanks for any help

i3 3110 cpu
hd4000 graphics 1600x900 resolution with device ID
wifi card replaced and works
sd card works but not recognized in system information.
all usb work.
trackpad works
HDMI not tested but probably doesn't work

Anyone get an Asus model K55A to work

18 November 2012 - 01:24 PM

Installation with USB stick no problem, booting into desktop through USB no problem. Adding bootloader to disk...problem. Only get logo and no spinning wheel. I think is cause the bios doesn’t see the hard disk to boot from. I don’t see as a boot option.

I’m thinking has to do with partition scheme?.. Is bios only interested in MBR scheme? Laptop has this aptio ami bios UEFI. Is this my main issue?

Core spec is ivy bridge i5 3210m with 4000HD graphics.

Does anyone know how to make this bios see the new disk.. see pic it may allow me to add a boot file?? Don’t know how to make it see location of the bootloader.

If no can do , I’m fine booting from usb then to desktop. Is there a way I can install kext to get things to work and possibly enable the HD4000 graphics? Doesn’t recognize it now.

Can I install a working ML on the USB and have a dual boot with Win8 by putting back the hard disk? Im guessing not if bios is only interested in MBR scheme...

thanks for any help or suggestions, and sorry if questions are dumb. Im not an expert in this but exciting to learn.

Help in ML 10.8.2 boot -v screen shot on Toshiba L875

10 November 2012 - 08:28 PM

Hi. newbie here. Can someone tell me what can I do to boot in ML. I tried many install guides, and this is pretty much the message I get.(see attached image). It looks like it's timing out on a couple areas? Installing using -x flag was needed to get to install screen from a USB installer disk. This particular install was using ML ###### version guide, as its the only one I can manage to get to install, and to desktop using same flag -x. Again I tried others in this site, and cannot even get to install using the -x flag. I feel I'm so close, or maybe not. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Laptop seems a typical

i3 2370m cpu
1600 DDR3 ram
Intel 3000HD graphics
insydeH20 bios
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