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In Topic: Building a custom Hackintosh CPU under $250 in India! Need Help

20 June 2015 - 05:38 PM

How about Radeon HD 5450?


Another cheap option is to buy some old(er) Dell for under 100 bucks, and upgrade CPU, Graphics and maybe RAM. That's what i did for under 250 usd.

But if you could build i3 for that money, i would go with that - always!

Hi owbp.


Thanks for your reply. Looks like your idea of buying a dell cpu will do a good deal, anyways will search and see.


Could you please mention few Dell CPU models that work good for OSX.

In Topic: Building a custom Hackintosh CPU under $250 in India! Need Help

20 June 2015 - 10:44 AM

Nvidia Geforce 210 or 220

 Thanks vusun123. 


I've already did online search but no one is selling these basic cards. Could you please let me know the next models ?

FYI I have $30-$50 for graphic card in my mind for now.

In Topic: Building a custom Hackintosh CPU under $250 in India! Need Help

20 June 2015 - 08:47 AM

Mobo: gigabyte h81m s2pv because it has dvi port.
Cpu: cheapest intel i3 with hd4400. Note: don't use vga port with this gpu, only dvi/hdmi.
Other: find the cheapest option you can find.

Hi poke :)


Thanks.How are you? Hope you remember me !


Would you suggest any cheap discrete graphics?


I wouldn't mind to buy one if I can mange within the budget.

In Topic: Need help installing mavericks or yosemite DP1 on Dell OptiPlex 755

13 July 2014 - 04:58 PM

Optiplex 755 does support Mavericks afaik (and therefore Yosemite should be supported too), but I'm not sure your dual-core Pentium E2160 is actually natively supported by OS X kernel. It really is a low specs, low performance, oldish CPU these days... Check with tools such as CPUID if it embeds SSSE3 technology. If not, no joy...


As you probably know, the integrated desktop GMA 3100 is totally unsupported by Apple's OS but the nVidia Geforce 8400GS is.


There are guides and a bootpack at OSXLatitude, so I suggest you have a look there but, again, you may find that your CPU is not supported, in which case, you could either upgrade to a Core2Duo model or consider Bronya's AMD kernels (they do work).


PS: I guess you meant Q35 (ICH9DO) chipset, not Q32...



Hi Herve, 


Good to speak to you after long time as I was all away from hackintoshing nearly 6months and I'm back now. Thanks for your reply and I've checked with CPUID and can confirm that SSSE3 is supported feature of E2160. And also yes you're right about the chipset which is Q35 Express chipset, not Q32.


Good news for me is I've installed 10.8.2 using myhack and its my first myhack try and I succeded. But I've a small guilty feeling of myhack as I don't know what exactly the myhack does while creating USB installer and somewhere I feel like its similar tool like tmac. I would be really happy if anyone could explain that myhack is not a similar tool compared to any other hackintosh tool that are available on internet. And also I've read that many systems have been successful using myhack and I really appreciate myhack for that. I'm really sorry I'm new to this myhack and today I'm going to go with vanilla install which is my all time favourite with many systems I've installed so far.


By the way, herve, how is your hackintoshing going any new projects upcoming from you.


Many Thanks :)

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