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ML Install and run went great, but still some small bumps

13 October 2012 - 04:43 PM


After some trial runs with 10.6 and 10.7 on my system i decided to buy and install 10.8.2.
I used the methods from one of the commercial sites (which i understand we dont speak of here) to install the nessesary and then installed chameleon v2 and the apropriate kexts for my hardware, which is:

Asus p5ql-e
Xfx 9600gt
4gb ddr2 800
2x wd 320gb sata2 disks
Onboard audio and lan
(Airport compatible wifi card is on its way)
Ps2 logitech multimedia keyboard
Usb logitech g5 mouse

Everything works, after i found out i had to start with PCIRootUID=1 and i've installed kext for audio (custom apple hda), ps2 and for lan. Oh and i had to install some kext i dont know the name of anymore to get os x to see my drives as internal.

I start with
GraphicsEnabler=Yes (9600gt works natively)
Kernelcache on

And nothing special for the rest.

Now i've got a few questions i was hoping some of you could help me with.

1. In finder my drives are seen as internal but when i look at the screen with info about my mac its still mentioned as external, can i fix that?

2. If i take a look in an app for hardware info it seems as there is still some hardware thats not installed, mainly motherboard components like dram controller and pci express. Is this a problem?

3. The system boots fast but when i'm logging in its very slow. It takes a lot of time untill the system is fully up and responsive. Also my menu bar wont show untill i opened my first app. If its running it runs great unless i am downloading something really big then my whole system slows down.

And can someone tell me if i can get my multimediakeys on my keyboard working in os x? Volume is working but play/pauze etc wont work. I tried with spotify.

Sorry for any bad english i'm from holland :)


Oh i almost forgot... Sleep seems to work partially, screen goes off and system responds but doesnt go to sleep. And the fan of my 9600gt runs like its on fire. When i wake it everything runs normal again. Anyone got any tips?
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