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In Topic: Sony VAIO VPCEB4C5E!

29 September 2013 - 11:27 AM

Added a new config.plist to match the new Clover builds.
The old config.plist was named "oldconfig.plist", if needed.



I had some problems, like MANY real Mac users. The WiFi card could not be recognized anymore (WiFi: no hardware detected).


You can try to use the 10.8.4 zipped kext, should work fine.

Cheers. :)

In Topic: Sony VAIO VPCEB4C5E!

23 June 2013 - 09:28 AM

Unfortunately my DSDT have many crosslinks and cannot be fixed. I've tryied many fixer but the only result is that OS X cannot bootup anymore, so I cannot touch my DSDT...

Our models are differents (right?), thats implies that our DSDT is different.

But I would give another try, can you link me a good DSDTFixer (the one you used for your Vaio)?

Thank you.

In Topic: Sony VAIO VPCEB4C5E!

20 June 2013 - 02:57 PM

Thanks for your info. Let me try the clover. 


It's a dsdt wifi patch. With this DSDT wifi patch, you do have to modify the kext.

Ethernet is still problem in our machine.


I would like to share the modified AppleHDA.kext, I use in my 10.8.4, with layout id 86.


Hope you can get rid of voodooHDA with this file.


edit: No luck on the clover. Neither boot0af nor boot0ss.

Still showing "Boot Windows in Legacy HD2" in the GUI menu.

Thank you for the kext, but seems not works. I'll do more tests in future.
I've dropped in the folder some instruction how I made the triple boot, maybe could help you.

And how to simply get the UUID to make iCloud, AppStore and iMessage (but could not) works.


By the way also for me the Windows partition is labeled as "Legacy HD", I think is a Clover issue.

Please can you explain me how to use that DSDT patch? I cannot modify my original DSDT because is full of errors and bugs, so is possible to apply "on-fly"?


In Topic: Sony VAIO VPCEB4C5E!

13 June 2013 - 10:47 PM


Thanks for your information with Clover to solve "About This Mac" problem.

Indeed, I've tried clover, and it works great.


However, when I use Clover I can not boot my Windows partition anymore.

Do you have the same problem?


LegacyBoot in Legacy BIOS is still pain in the ass over Clover.



Also, for the AR9285 we can inject DSDT as below.

Never had a problem to boot Windows, neither Linux (I have a triple boot).
Firstly I've installed Windows, in a primary partition, in secondary OS X, and after, in an extended partition, Linux. Booted OS X thought the Chameleon present on the USB Pendisk Installer and installed Clover in the MBR (boot0fs). Formatted two times, all worked ever good.

If you need more information just feel free to ask!

Thanks for the DSDT patch, where/how I can put? :o
There's also something for the Ethernet port?

In Topic: Sony VAIO VPCEB4C5E!

08 June 2013 - 01:11 PM

Hi jack, can you post the model of your webcam?

Is the embedded one.
Should be: Sony Visual Communication Camera (VID_5986&PID_01A5&REV_2502&MI_00)
In the folder there is a txt file with all the HW on my Vaio, with all the VIDs and PIDs. :)
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