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[How to] Testimony & Tutorial: System To Build Working Almost Out Of The Box

09 September 2007 - 12:47 AM

First thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this project possible. Some of my friends are saying that I'm good at building stuff like this hackintosh but I know NOTHING. I don't hack the code, I only follow the instructions here on the forums. THANK YOU!!!

Hope it will help you build the perfect system. I assume you know how to download from the BitTorrent network and you know how to build a system on your own. But I also assumed you're new to Macintosh so I put more details in the steps.

What is working out of the box
1. USB
2. Firewire (target disk mode tested)
3. Network
5. S.M.A.R.T
6. Both CPU cores
7. Quartz Extreme (QE)
8. Core Image (CI)
9. DVI + VGA, Dual Video, Mirror, Rotate (drivers included in the install disk)

What is working with a patch
1. Audio (see links below)

EDIT: Find out that the microphone is not working on mine. It is working on some Badaxe 2, other people had different experience with the same audio patch. Don't know why but I will edit this tutorial once I have an answer

What is not working or has problem
1. Problem when the computer was waking up from sleep, needed to restart. I disabled it.
2. In the Display control panel in the System Preferences, there's a Detect Displays button. It freezes the computer. Can easily leave without those.

What wasn't tested
1. IDE but I assume it's working
2. Optical Digital Line Out
3. Coaxial Digital Line Out
4. RAID, see no reason it wouldn't work

Specs and what I bought

1. Intel D975XBX2 also known as BadAxe 2
CAD$199, found here
It's not cheap but it's the closest to a real Mac that I know of. You won't have trouble with this one and you can upgrade CPU to quad core or extreme series later.

2. Asus EN7600GS Silent 256Mb (nVidia)
CAD$95, found here
Recognize out of the box. I tried a PowerColor ATI x1600 Dual DVI before and it didn't work. I wanted something working out of the box.

3. nMedia HTPC 300 SA
CAD$48, found here
Yes it's tight especially if you have long cables but I don't like big computer and this one can take full ATX motherboard.

4. Silverstone Element ST50EF-PLUS SC 500W PSU
CAD$89, found here
More efficient, saves you energy. The planet is dying so found something good! Recycle your stuff, there's lead in computers. 5 pounds of lead in a CRT monitor!!!

5. Intel Core 2 Duo 6300 1.83Ghz with Thermaltake CL-P0378 Silent 775D heat-sink.
CAD$180, found here
You can easily found something cheaper. I took mine in a refurbished PC from HP bought at BestBuy.

6. Other stuff I used: DVD burner, 250Gb HD, 533Mhz memory (get some 667Mhz or 800Mhz it's so cheap), USB keyboard and mouse, Ethernet cable, power cable, monitor, VGA and DVI cable. Not critical, get whatever you want or need. Took mine in a refurbished PC from HP bought at BestBuy.

Softwares you need

1. Mac OS X 10.4.9 by Uphuck 1.4i r3 (or higher if available) found it on BitTorrent network.

2. AppleHDA Patcher 1.16, download here.

3. Audio Patch for Sigmatel 9274D (aka AppleHDA STAC9274D), download here.


Some early version of the Badaxe 2 (revision A) use a different audio chipset. The Sigmatel 9227. You need to find a different Apple HDA patch. Found here.

It's a bit complex to know exactly which chipset you have. But here's a method to know exactly which chipset you have. Read post #1376 here. I had the latest revision so I didn't have to do this. Anyone know a better way? If you bought it recently, good chance are that you have a revision B like mine.


Step 1
Build your system, plug, unplug and replug everything. Cut your finger on the sharp case edge, bleed and cry. Feel frustrated? Don't worry, that was the hard part. And if you're not happy, why don't you buy a real Mac? Think about it :-)

Step 2
Burn Mac OS X 10.4.9 by Uphuck 1.4i r3 on a DVD and start up the computer with it. Marvell RAID will tell you that it cannot found something (RAID was enabled by default) but just wait until it tell you to press any key to install OSX86.

Step 3
- Choose Disk Utility from the Utilities menu at the top.
- Choose your HD, the one showing the capacity
- Click on Partition tab, click Options button and choose Master Boot Record then click OK (it won't boot if you don't check that)
- Click on the Erase tab. Choose Mac OS Extended Journaled in the drop down menu. Click Erase button at the bottom. It will erase all your data! Did you make any backups?
- When finished erasing, quit Disk Utility, it will go back to the installer.

Step 4
- Click Go and agree to disclaimer and warnings.
- Choose your HD. Click Continue or Next.
- Check version 1.4 at the top (first option).
- Also, under Drivers/VGA, check Natit 0.2 to get dual monitor support.
- You can choose (or not) to install a couple applications. I checked Temperature Monitor and CPU Usage.
- EDIT: Check AppleSMBios patch if you want ot run Adobe CS3, it won't work otherwise.
- EDIT: There's also a patch for Final Cut Pro, only if you need it.
- That's it, don't check anything else.
- Click install (I usually skip the DVD verification)
- Wait until it finish the installation and reboot.
- Let the count down goes so it boots with your new OS.

Step 5
- Now you have a new hackintosh! It will play the little Welcome animation. Enter all the information needed. I suggest you don't register your computer :-). Instead choose "This computer doesn't connect to the Internet" option so it won't ask you to send your registration right away.
- When that is finished, click on the Apple menu (top left corner), click About this Mac then on More Info.
- This will start System Profiler. Look under Graphics/Display to see if QE and CI are supported. Everything should work except for Audio (Built In). Quit System Profiler.
- Drag and drop AppleHDA STAC9274D on AppleHDA Patcher 1.16. System Profiler will tell you there's not Audio Built-in but the Sound Control Panel in the System Preferences will work. I'm using audio over USB so I don't really care about audio but it's nice to have a complete system.

That's it. You're finished! Enjoy your hackintosh! Honestly, I'm having the same user experience compared with my Mac Mini. Except that it is a lot faster and I can customize it, change the CPU and add a Raptor HD inside. Apple should make a mini tower! Mac Pro is too expensive, iMac is really beautiful but can't choose my monitor. That's why I built it.

My next step is to install Koolkal 10.4.10 update and Dell Bluetooth 1505 adapter. Ciao!
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