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In Topic: OS X Mountain Lion Install Guide for Dell XPS 17 L702x Optimus

01 December 2012 - 03:34 PM

Yes, you are right, you need those kexts. Does safe boot work? I remember I had the DSMOS message as well, but safe boot worked for me and after deleting all NV* and Geforce* kexts (and clearing caches and touching S/L/E) I could revert to normal booting. In your case, you could try to instead delete AppleIntelHD*.kext, AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext, AppleIntelSNB*.kext and AppleIntelIVBVA.kext. In short, all kexts having to do with Intel HD Graphics. Have you also tried the touch command on your S/L/E folder?

Don't know about safe boot yet.

What I did was the following: I deleted the kext you mentioned. Then again I set permissions (using chmod -R 755 ****then the volume***), then I used chown -R root:wheel ***then the volume***. Finally touch **** the volume***. Also I added NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. By then starting from clover with the add kext-option I could install Mac OS X. However, my USB 3 was not recognized, so I took out the Clover USB and put my keyboard and mouse in that USB port. In the end the installer gave an error.

Then I did a reboot, and I could see the partition I made for my mac OS X install and I could see the windows partition from my clover USB. Meaning both were installed as (U)EFI. :)

However, Mac OS X is not loading. It stops with
macx_swapon SUCCES

EDIT: tried holding the shift key when booting mac os x, but I think it does not register or so? Because I don't get into safe mode... Now using Macdrive to perform all the steps of the first post after installation failed... Which means deleting all unneccessary kexts.

What I kept were all the kexts from the 10.8.2 image from mackyreddy + the gefore kexts** + ioavb** + iowmi** +NVD*** + NVS**** + Jmicron*** kexts - AppleIntel*** kexts (except the Powermanagement ones).
Still it is stuck on the same line... If I use NullCPUPowerManagement.kext then it continues until I see a blank screen and the mouse/pointer is working and after some time changes into the round "loading" type...

I have attached the logs from the private/var/log directory, maybe someone can help me, because I am completely stuck :(

Okay... I tried another Clover build (the latest) on my USB, but it did not show the mac os operating system. Therefore I reverted to the old clover build, but this one didn't boot anymore and made my pc boot directly into windows 8. Also my CMOS seems to be corrupted, because pressing FN+F2 during boot does not enter BIOS setup. Entering windows 8 still works. Strange things... After a reflash of the BIOS it worked again (also bootin Clover from USB).

Update2: Ended up installing iatkos_L2 on my formatted GPT partition (legacy boot) which worked out of the box, also my clover USB nicely show this install. Don't know what went wrong with the ML build, going to sleep now.

In Topic: OS X Mountain Lion Install Guide for Dell XPS 17 L702x Optimus

01 December 2012 - 12:58 PM

How about the ownership and permissions of your S/L/E? Caches deleted? Using a DSDT with the GeForce not disabled (not using a 3D screen?) requires you to delete all NV*.kext and Geforce*.kext files.

Permission is set to read-only. Caches in S/L are emptied (folder structure kept intact). I use mackyreddy's A.19 DSDT (from the 10.8.2 kext pack). Not the one with Nvidea off, since I have the 3D screen and I need the Nvidea drivers. That's also why I didn't delete all NV*.ketxs and Geforece*.kexts, because I need them, right?

In Topic: How to boot OS X Mountain Lion with UEFI and GPT HDD

01 December 2012 - 12:39 PM

Thank you TimeWalker75a for pointing out this thread. And thank you dmazar for the nomouse version of clover. I can confirm that UEFI booting windows 8 from the nomouse version of clover works for me. Both windows 8 and the Mac OS X installer are bootable from my clover USB stick. Next step will be to install clover to my hard disk, but before I want to install Mac OS X correctly in UEFI.

I am now struggling to make the OS X install correctly (I think I copied some wrong kext or forgot to delete some).

After that I will follow dmazars guide for installing clover on my hdd :)

In Topic: OS X Mountain Lion Install Guide for Dell XPS 17 L702x Optimus

01 December 2012 - 08:27 AM

Yes, you can boot into verbose mode with Clover. Just press space when selecting the OS, and you will see it. Windows 8 UEFI boot with Clover will probably be prevented by EmuVariableRuntimeDxe. The BSOD, does it say anything about a non-ACPI-compliant BIOS? If so, you could try the ones in this post (direct link). If you try, delete EmuVariableRuntimeDxe. It will load EmuVariableUefi when booting OS X, and will not (and thereby return the real variables, instead of fake ones) when booting Windows and any other OS.

Works like a charm! Thank you so much! Only still some problems when trying to install mac os, probably unrelated to the UEFI booting... Last lines read:
NVDAGF100Hal loaded and registered
ACPI_SMC_Platform Pluging -waiting for Apple SMC
Ethernet address (Realtek RTL81xx) - 62:xx:xx:Xx:xx (mac adress)
Then a long break and then:
Watiting for DSMOS...
And then it hangs...

In Topic: OS X Mountain Lion Install Guide for Dell XPS 17 L702x Optimus

30 November 2012 - 03:25 PM

Dumb question... If I do mackyreddy's guide from the first post, should I also delete the NVDAGF100Hal.kexts? I ask this, because I have the GT555m with 3D... For best performance I think I need them, right? But how do I inject the device ID into the kext?

Oh, and can I just take the applications from your 10.8.2 build and place them in the folder "applications" on my usb to get them? Because my version of the installESD comes without them..

One more question, what is the DellSynapticsTouchpad.pkg and what does it do? Installing kexts should also work, right?

EDIT: What I tried:

1. Create Clover USB using brabbelbla's guide. Boot into clover. Works! Just to clarify for myself: I didn't place a S/L/E folder with extension on this USB drive, right? Only on the Mac OS install drive...

2. Create bootable USB from mackyreddy's release and replace OSInstall with the one from my original 10.8.2 dmg so that I can install on a GPT disk. Also replaced SSDT files with the ones for my CPU (QM 2670). Didn't work!
2.1 It is not possible to boot into verbose mode with Clover, is it?
2.2 I also miss the Installation folder in System in mackyreddy's release?

3. Boot into my windows 8 EFI installation by using clover. Didn't work! I see a windows 8 "message" (which is actually a light blue screen which tells me that my pc will restart and then automatically restore the error)

What I will try next: Create bootable USB drive with my original 10.8.2 installation.
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