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In Topic: Guide for Installing OS X Yosemite on Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p

Yesterday, 04:03 AM

With the patched ACPI tables or without them, the current graphics fix will insure the problems exist. However, without the graphics fix no problem ... I tend to believe it is not something missing in our _WAK or PNLF._BCM rather than a missing patch to complete the graphic fix ... I may be wrong but I hope not!

You simply cannot compare results with/without the Haswell graphics fix (FakePCID+device-id=0412).

Without the fix, QE/CI would be disabled and you'd be using VESA graphics drivers.

If you're talking about disabling only part of the fix, then you should clarify.

In Topic: Guide for Installing OS X Yosemite on Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p

03 March 2015 - 11:59 PM

...The words by Rehabman -- while most of it are suggestions I believe -- may not be very accurate

My words are suggestions for additional research based on theory. Like all theory, it must be tested.

because I'm not sure how the OS would need to re-initialize graphics just to turn off display then on (display sleep)

With the display off, the entire graphics subsystem can be shutdown to conserve power. Macs don't have great battery life without taking every opportunity to conserve power.

and the same goes for screen-saver and changing resolution.

Note that I was presented only with the post-display sleep/post-sleep symptoms...

If you have some issue post screen saver, that may point to some other issue...

In Topic: DSDT patches for toshiba L655-S9510D

02 March 2015 - 07:04 PM

If you google for "guide DSDT patch working battery status RehabMan", you'll find my guide.

You can get CPU temp by installing FakeSMC sensors (in particular, CPUSensors.kext)

BCM4313 WiFi is not supported. You must replace it with compatible hardware.

In Topic: Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro M-5Y71 Broadwell

26 February 2015 - 09:40 PM

First of all – I would like to thank this great community for all these years I've experienced running osx on various non-apple hardware units. Now it's time to decide if there's a way I can do my personal investment.
Sadly I was unable to get lspci info, because I don't have the machine, but I have an option to buy it (like in a few days). I'm okay with non-working wifi/bluetooth (and maybe even sound), because obviously, I always can replace it or use some USB devices. Sleep option is not important either (later maybe).
But! I would like to know – if there's any hope on getting Yosemite booted on that machine at all? CPU is Intel Core M Broadwell (5Y71), graphics – Intel HD Graphics 5300.
Also it has a QHD+ display, and I'm going to do some research on how to make it act as a retina one after I get the machine (good to know there are already some threads related to that).
TL;DR version: Intel Core M Broadwell (5Y71) with Intel HD Graphics 5300 == successfull boot; true or false?
Wasn't able to find any info on osx86-related sources about M-5Y71 & Broadwell arch support.
I would like to get this machine and make an installation guide thread here in case of ANY success. Just tell me if it worth it.
Thank you!

We'll know more when Apple starts using Broadwell parts. Right now, I suspect it is a no-go, as Apple has no Broadwell machines (MacBookAir 12" retina rumors?). I had one for 24 hours recently. I got it to boot using Clover's FakeCPUID, but never got past some crashes during boot (outright lockups), probably due to chipset and possibly graphics issues. The i2c trackpad will require new drivers to be written.

Note: By "boot" I mean I got the kernel to load and for it to start loading/starting kexts...

In Topic: Help with HD3000 and battery

26 February 2015 - 06:10 AM

RehabMan, I was hoping you'd reply.
i tried what you wrote, i get 3 errors now:

3262, 6085, Object not found or not accessible from scope (^^_DOS)
in: _SB > PCI0 > LPCB > EC0 > PNLF > _DOS

You probably don't need the method _DOS at all, but your _DOS is likely in an SSDT.

You can access it provided the SSDT is included in your final patched set (assuming you're dropping OEM SSDTs) and you use External.

Usually like this:
External(^^_DOS, MethodObj)

i'm not sure what does that exactly mean

9724, 6084, Object does not exist (IGFX)
9734, 6084, Object does not exist (IGFX)
I'm not sure what to do here, i think i thought of replacing IGFX with IGPU in those lines but I can't compile the DSDT with the first error, so I didn't test that
What do you think?
PS: I applied those patches to the DSDT @artur-pt had made, if that makes any difference (?)

Be careful not to attempt "Rename GFX0 to IGPU" if you've already renamed GFX0 to IGPU.
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