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In Topic: Nvidia Web Driver updates for macOS Sierra (UPDATE 01/24/2017)

12 January 2017 - 03:55 PM

Why don't you try it first by installing web drivers on 10.11? AFAIK all cards that work with 10.11 should work with 10.12 as well. And if can you run without web driver, do it. Web driver will not improve anything, only make things worse. Use web driver only with cards that requre it (i.e. Maxwell)


BTW: and think twice before upgrading to Sierra. Imho it's not worth it and at least for me El Capitan worked better. And also Apple continued their way of crippling their apps (this time: Console.app - just like they did with Disk Utility in El Cap, i.e. app is much less useful after the update)


Actually, while it's true that the frontend Console app is now pretty horrible, you can still find pretty much any info you want (and I'd say have even more control over it) by using the "log" command, once you understand how to use it properly.

In Topic: Nvidia Web Driver updates for macOS Sierra (UPDATE 01/24/2017)

30 December 2016 - 02:14 AM

Do not inject Nvidia.

I wasn't. I already managed to get it fixed, with the DisableASPM thing, which is why I recommended it above to people who are experiencing the prolonged black screen issue. (I assume my case was an extreme version of that!)

In Topic: Nvidia Web Driver updates for macOS Sierra (UPDATE 01/24/2017)

30 December 2016 - 12:33 AM

Have you tried turning off ASPM in Clover configurator, ACPI section?

In Topic: A _different_ web drivers black screen on boot issue?

28 December 2016 - 09:41 PM

PSA: This issue was apparently caused by ASPM. I managed to boot normally by ticking the DisableASPM option in Clover Configurator.


Still, if anybody has something to contribute, I'd be glad to hear it.

In Topic: Are there global nvidia/sierra issues?

28 December 2016 - 09:31 PM

I honestly have no idea what failed (if anything), despite the smoke and obvious "burnt" smell I can't really spot any symptoms other than some HDDs not being seen by the BIOS (but working fine in both Win and macOS)


Although a PSA, I appear to have found what actually caused the issue: ASPM.


My previous board (P67A-GD55) didn't have ASPM support; i.e. I got the

"AppleLPC::notifyPlatformASPM - registering with plugin with ASPM Support false."

message, so I used DisableASPM on CloverConfigurator.


My current board (Z77 OC Formula) has ASPM support and gave a different message (basically saying ASPM registered) so I wasn't using the DisableASPM option in CloverConfigurator.


Yesterday I booted without ASPMDisable and got that problem. Today I got the idea to try it, so I booted with nv_disable=1 and turned off ASPM in CloverConfigurator. Result? I can now boot with my GTX980 and the webdrivers!

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