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In Topic: How do you shut off the auto scan for Control Surface in Logic 8

07 March 2008 - 06:28 PM

Yeah, not sure why they says it's not compatible, it worked fine for me, all though I did revert back to Tiger anyways because of my M-Audio interfaces.

So here's what my real issue was:
The user manual for the US-2400 advises that I set it up as a Makie controller both on the board itself and in Logic, this must have been before logic had a setup for the us-2400. The User manual for Logic Studio 8 advises that I set the US-2400 in Native mode (Not Makie) So I did that, and it scanned the US-2400 and 3 mackie cointrols and works correctly (with the exception of the joystick, but I don't care)

In Topic: Logic Studio 8 says 43.9 GB will install. Only 23 GB was installed. Anyone kn...

02 March 2008 - 08:31 PM

It should have been 43.9 GB, not 53 GB as I had typed originally.

You said 23

In Topic: Where are the Logic Studio manuals stored?

28 February 2008 - 10:50 PM

Hi guys

The documents are stored by default in: /Applications/Logic Pro (Right Click and select show package contents) /contents/resources/english.lproj/Logic Pro Help/ inside of this folder you have the 5 manuals.

I wait this one helps you!!!!!


Thanks for accurately answering my question :D

In Topic: logic pro 8.1 "audio&midi out of sync" and "system overload...

23 February 2008 - 06:46 PM

How about this... Just go into Logic Pro> Preferences> Audio> select the General tab and un-check the first box you see that says "Display audio engine overload message"


Maybe this is something completely un-related... Sorry

In Topic: Recommendations for Logic Interface

21 February 2008 - 06:35 AM

ERRRR!!! Finally Got everythig. Got the 2 Ada8000 from Guitar Center $200 each, found a Profire Lightbridge online for $339 so I decide Let do Over night Delivery, NOPE, the company doesn't have them in stock for 8-10 business days, so I canceled the order, Guitar center (Which there are 4 of in MN) does not have any, I'm Directed to the website ($399), I choose overnight Delivery, Once again They don't have them in stock, so I go on Ebay find it for $319 (Best deal) I get the guy to over night it to me, I got it today, get everything set up, I plug in 4 SM57s to test and I notice the monitering alone cuts out every 3 seconds. I look on thier site at the system requirement and notice I have to have a 7200rpm HD with at least 8 MB cache, mine, Which I Just bought, is 5400rpms, SO... Found one with only 200 GB for $189, Gunna over night it...

Now that I've ranted, I guess it all seems funny how impatient I get and how I spent about $3,500 on gear in the last week and then it all comes down to 1 stupid little $189 problem holding me back from recording. Got some great deals off Ebay and got some people that work places that catch me some dscounts. Can't wait to post my setup in that thread
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