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NEED HELP bootloader error

23 January 2014 - 10:50 PM


I have install the bootloader on my mac partition on the same hdd as my windows partition. For some reason, after booting from windows boot messenger (I used EasyBCD to dual boot), the bootloader is not loaded properly. So i have to use my usb bootloader to boot into my mac. I know it's not hardware problems since i have install the mac on a separate hdd and it worked. the bootloader is fine with themes working and everything but on my hdd with Windows 7, the same bootloader stopped working. So, what can interfere the Windows boot messenger or Chameleon bootloader? Any idea? please.


The partition that i think is interfering my bootloader is C drive. What could it be ....?


I spent a week working on how to fix it. I need help.    

Bootloader could not install...

21 January 2014 - 11:45 PM


My i have install ml with everything working but the chameleon bootloader. I tried install it but it's only using the old version of chameleon bootloader that came with the ml install. I tried to replace it and it is not working. What can i do? It used to work fine with the bootloader, Until I reinstall ml cause it stopped booting up. HELP please. I even want to change the theme but i couldn't and stuck with a half working bootloader with no theme. Now i am using the usb to boot my ML to have all core working. What can i do? HELP 

(Tutorial) how to get HP DVx laptop wifi work with airport extreme

19 January 2014 - 03:36 PM

Hey guys

In this thread, i will tell you how to get wifi on you HP DVx with a bit of money with disassemble laptop skill and no bios mod at all or rebranding. All you need is a apple airport extreme wifi card with a PCI-E interface with a screw (if i remember correctly) and not the newer model of Macbook of wifi card and this include the new apple wifi card with AC connection since they have a different PCI connection than you laptop. I also recommend a apple Broadcom wifi card since they are newer than Atheros because some Atheros needs 3 set of antenna, which is better but you need to buy a new set of antenna.  I don't know if you can use a rebrand wifi card. 



Know how to disassemble your own laptop.

1 to 2 and a half of your time hour





scratching the motherboard or a computer screen due human error and just your own stupitity

You have to remember how to re cable the laptop like the keyboard and etc

Static charge on the computer can fry your motherboard






The items you need are

Apple Airport wifi card with PCI-E slot interface (the cost can vary from $50 to $15)

**An empty PCI-E slot that is used for TV tuner. (not the same slot already used for the wifi card that came with your HP since there is a Bios lock on just that slot.)

A screw(s) to hold the wifi card and a screwdriver(s).

Recommended, anti-static straps if you have one.

OPTIONAL a set laptop wifi antenna (some HP laptop have an antenna that can reach the second PCI-E slot) Cost from $4 to $50.


**I'm not sure if you can replace your m-sata ssd with a wifi card because I don't have that kind of laptop to test this method on that PCI-E slot.


This method work since HP place a whitelist to stop people from upgrading the laptop and there is a error that pop up on booting up of the laptop that block the start up of ant OS. While on the second slot it is used for TV tuner (for my laptop) or it can also used as a second wifi card. This way you can keep your existing wifi card since you don't need to rebrand the wifi card or mod the bios. This way you can avoid bricking the bios and do a cmos rest or bricking the wifi card permanently. There is less risk in this method but it cost money. The apple wifi card work on windows for those that dual boot. The good thing is that the wifi card don't need kext since apple support it and any OS upgrade, the wifi card will still work in the future.



Step 1,locate the second PCI-E slot (the one that is the same type of slot as your wifi card.) under removeable panel normal same panel that cover the rams. 

Step 2, insert apple wifi card in the slot and screw in one of the hole.

Step 3, disassemble the laptop to rewired the antenna cable so you can connect you new apple wifi card. 

Step 4, (for the laptop that need a new set of antenna) I recommend hide the extra antenna in the cover of your laptop display since there is more room  and not touch the sensitive computer part since some laptop antenna can get hot. You can tape it on the cover with double sided tape or electrical tape.

Step 5, connect the antenna to apple wifi card.

Step 6, reassemble the laptop and boot into mac

Step 7, turn wifi on and connect to your router.

Step 8, like the thread, if this work or if you like this tutorial.

***the instruction could not be very clear since different version of laptop have different screws in different place.


Tell me on the thread and don't personal message me, if you laptop work or not and please include your bios version

List of laptop that worked

HP DV6-2155ee                    bios version F.1C


Information from


by Mammoth


P.S sorry for bad english and if i miss something steps or info.

Broadcom wifi card problem

08 July 2013 - 06:34 PM


I tried a lot of kext for Broadcom  43224AG but no luck. I don't know what to do.

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