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T3500 won't boot - error loading kernel cache 0xe

20 April 2017 - 12:27 PM

Hey there, 


Yesterday, after I'd turned on my T3500 10.12.4, it hung at the OS X login screen. 


"No worries", I thought, "I'll just reboot and off we go again". 


All I had was a black screen, so a boot with `-v` was the next step. 


"Error loading kernel cache (0xe)

Boot failed, sleeping for 10 seconds before exit"


"Not a problem", I thought to myself, "I'll just jump into Clover and try -f and/or -s". 


Same thing. Oh oh. 


One thing I'd noticed was the Clover entry (when I pressed space on my OS X drive) was "Cancel Hibernate Wake". However, selecting this with any other combination (safe mode, single user, no kexts, -f, dart=0, darkwake=0) leads to the same 0xe error.)  


Some background: 

  • I'd just (in the last few days) upgraded to 10.12.4 from .3 I believe.
  • I've used this T3500 from Mavericks at least - had a Clover install the whole time. 
  • As far as backup up goes, I dug up some older versions of my EFIs - nothing
  • I haven't changed the config.plist recently (certainly not recently)
  • I haven't edited my DSDT
  • I installed Clover 4049 to be able to install 10.12.4
  • I've since installed 4061 to both my Internal Drive's EFI and a new USB I made with a new Sierra Installer. 
  • I've booted into the recovery mode of the EFI but running first aid didn't work on my OS X drive
  • I also run a second hard disk with Windows 10 UEFI and Linux UEFI (Bunsen Labs) booting through Clover. Linux still boots, and I can access the OS X hard drive from there (that's where I backed up the older Clover EFI folders from). I will try Windows too. EDIT: Windows 10 boots too
  • The last thing I did before rebooting was installing Xcode 8.3.1 from a XIP from the developers portal.
  • I've booted into the installer of the Sierra installer, and tried finding a rogue "sleepimage" file, but it doesn't exist at "/private/var/vm" on mine - I've had "hibernate 0" off since the beginning. I also tried first aid for the drive, but it checks out fine. 
  • I've tried putting the latest FakeSMC in 10.12 folder in Clover EFI
  • I've tried looking for FakeSMC_X in my S/L/E - I don't have one! The only kexts I have modified are the AMD/ATI ones responsible for my AMD/ATI FirePro v4000 being detected and utilised properly (workstation version of the 5760?)

So, I've tried the safe modes, I've tried single user modes (failed on OS X, worked in recovery and installer, but can't use it to access the kextcache files on my volume), tried changing Clovers to a good few versions back (confirmed working ones) and I've tried changing the AptioFix 1/2 files over (of course, I'd never had to change them before). 


Wondering if someone can help me out? I can't seem to get any further with any of the options, though someone enterprising might have an idea about if I have to change any config.plist things - I heard there were some changes especially for 10.12.4, but I booted that at least twice, so I'm quite confused. 


Convinced I have to get my computer out of a "hibernate" state somehow, but not sure how Clover gauges that - I even reset the nvram last time I was in the regular installer, but it didn't seem to make any difference - the "Error loading kernel cache (0xe)" appears instantly, with no other information as far as I can tell. 


Now that I have an installer, I'm willing to re-install... but surely this is salvageable somehow? Will post any files you might deem necessary. 


Cheers guys - a little frustrated and confused. 



Things I tried:

* Turning on boot logging for Clover, but I can't seem to find *either* the option to turn logging on, *or* where the log ends up. 

* Switching 



Things I will try:

* Unplugging all my USB gear

* Using a G-Parted Live USB to unjournal/re-journal my drive?

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