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Asus 1201N Installation and support [Mav]

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I have sorted the can+mera probem and the system el Capitan 10.11.4 is running flawless on my little asus !!



Was bored and my 1201n was just seated there, so I decided to install Yosemite. Currently on the 2nd part of the process (after installing, you have another "Installing" part again (?)). It's really slow, I forgot it was this slow, damn. 


Anyway, I used the files on the first page. Should I'd use the lastest clover or the one in the first page will run fine?

Just use the clover version on first page it works just fine for Yosemite and also for El capitan because you are using GPT partition.



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This is my guide based on my experience installing EL Capitán 10.11.5 on asus 1201N.

1.     you must have Yosemite installed in your asus

2.     Prepare a clean installer of El Capitan 10.11.5 as per page 1

3.     Download Clover_v2.3k_r3554 from here https://sourceforge....iles/Installer/.Save your config.Plist,acpi folder and kexts folder from your actual Clover USB stick.Install the new version of clover on your stick and copy the saved acpi folder and kexts folder and config.list to the clover folder of your USB stick.Please replace in your config.Plist Arguments with this : <key>CustomLogo</key>


<string>slide=0 kext-dev-mode=1 npci=0x2000 rootless=0</string>    It will disprotect el capitan to allow kext injection! Once you have your system running flawless please remove rootless=0 to protect your os.

                                                                                                                                                                                                4.    Now stick your clover USB and your intaller USB and start your laptop.Be patient it takes a few minutes to inject kexts before the installer starts loading!

5.     Press ESC and choose you clover USB and when you see the install usb press install with injected kexts

6.     Once you reach the install ,do not format your hdd just install over your Yosemite.It will automatically update your system leaving the kexts from TimeWalker in system extensions.

7.     The system will restart and load el capitán 10.11.5

8.     You wil have wiifi but not camera or card reader.This is because in El capitán the USB ports are chosen in a different way,go to this webb site to fix your USB problem http://www.insanelym...l-capitan-1011/

9.     You are done you have a fully flawless working El Capitan 10.11.5 asus

I hope I have contributed to help this comunity achieving its aims



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I have installed Mavericks, but when I boot with the Clover USB, there is only the USB, no SSD I can choose?


What can be the reason? I only need to boot the SSD and install Kext and Clover on the SSD. :-(



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I've fixed Clover's kernel patcher, SPDScan and other MCP-chipset related issues and put together an installer package (really, it was for my self) suitable for 10.7 to 10.10 to get everything up and running in just few clicks.
Don't mirror my files without my permission!

Some essential steps to get this going on 1201N, using Mavericks as an example:

1. Get ahold of OSX machine where you can prepare a USB MBR/FAT32 drive with CloverEFI. Get Clover r2771 and install to USB drive in the following manner:
We just need MBR/PBR bootsectors to install, the rest is of minor importance.
2. Download Mavericks from Mac AppStore using your valid AppleID and use DiskMakerX to create a bootable USB GUID/HFS+ installer media
3. Remove EFI folder from your drive, put the contents of 1201N_CLOVER_USB archive there.
4. Go to BIOS and disable AHCI, set SATA mode to IDE. If your HDD is still formatted with OEM recovery image you need to disable BootBoster too as it will prevent you from entering Esc boot menu.
5. Start up the netbook, press Esc at POST and select your Clover USB drive. Boot from it and when GUI appears select your OSX Install Media and press space, chose Boot with Injected kexts.
6. When prompted to switch on keyboard and mouse just tap space. Go into Disk Utility and repartition your HDD/SSD with GPT (GUID) partition table. Create a Mac OS Journaled partition to install Mavericks onto. Exit disk utility and proceed with the installation. The installer will reboot the netbook and next time choose Boot OS X Install from ....*whatever you named your partition*, boot using space with injected kexts again and installation will finish.. it takes a while on MCP79 AHCI controller compared to Intel.
7. After you have installed Mavericks just boot it again using *space method* ....

8. When you have booted OSX, use same Clover package as before and install it in the following manner:

9. When that's done get my support package for 1201N and install it. Make sure to read the change log as it has some important information.
Version 1.2. (August 9th, 2014):

- Corrected a problem with serial number generator (thanks @theconnactic)
- Fixed error where installer was finishing with Failed message
- Patch added to address “ATH: Unknown locale xx” spam with Atheros 9285 (no need to mod EEPROM)

NB: Delete config.plist from EFI system partition before running the installer to ensure it generates a proper serial instead of backing up the old invalid one!

Version 1.1. (August 7th, 2014):


Version 1.0. (July 20th, 2014):

Explore your new fully functional (except HDMI audio) 1201N in whichever system version you desire ...

Main system I'm on is 10.8.5, feels snappier, colder and less flashy, enters sleep immediately too ... can't beat that.
Test partition has 10.10 DP3 installed, updated to Public Beta without issues.
P.S. Don't mind missing battery icon, i have my battery out.

I am trying your clover binary on an acer revo 3600, same chipset mcp79, it fails to solve the USBF error . I am also using boot7. Any clue?



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Anyone know where I can get one of those networks for cheap? Tried eBay with no luck.

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